In Issue 25 of Buccaneer Magazine...

January 27 – This week's issue of Buccaneer Magazine features ex-Buccaneers head coach Tony Dungy and the coaching debacle in Tampa Bay. Issue 25 of Buccaneer Magazine gives you the latest news on the Bucs and their search for a new head coach. Click here to get a preview of what is in the current issue of Buccaneer Magazine, which will be mailed to our subscribers on Monday, Jan. 28. Call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) today to subscribe.

Rumors and speculation are running rapid around One Buccaneer Place. Who will Tampa Bay hire as their new head coach? Which free agents will the Bucs opt to re-sign and which will they let test the free agent market? Who will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select in April's NFL Draft? Well, it may be the Buccaneers' offseason, but Buccaneer Magazine is on top of our game. Follow the Buccaneers throughout the offseason and through the 2002 season with a subscription to Buccaneer Magazine.

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In This Week's Issue of Buccaneer Magazine…

GAME COVERAGE: Seven pages of Bucs vs. Eagles playoff coverage complete with locker room quotes, play tracker charts and stats.

COVER STORY: Buccaneer Magazine recaps the firing of Tampa Bay head coach Tony Dungy and his hiring in Indianapolis, the jilting of Bill Parcells and the latest on the Buccaneers continued efforts to find Dungy's successor.

BUCCANEER BLITZ: Buccaneer Magazine editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds says, "The Bucs Need New Direction". Reynolds approves the Glazer's decision to fire Tony Dungy.

GOAL LINE STAND: Haggerty takes a hard look at "Dungy Ball". He ponders the question, "Was Dungy Ball a philosophy or a necessity?"

POINT/COUNTERPOINT: Haggerty and Reynolds square off on the topic: "Who Tampa Bay pursue as their new head coach now that Bill Parcells is apparently not returning to coaching in the NFL?" Reynolds says the Bucs should try to get Oakland head coach Jon Gruden or Chargers offensive coordinator Norv Turner while Haggerty says the Pewter Pirates would be better off with Hall of Fame and former Bill coach Marv Levy or ex-Lions head coach Bobby Ross.

CHEERLEADER PAGE: A new Buccaneers Cheerleader is featured in a swimsuit on the beach and her Bucs uniform.

Chalk Talk Buccaneer Magazine publisher Jeff Fox bids farewell to Tony Dungy and shares his excitement about the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers offseason.

Voices From the Grandstands Fans sound off on the firing of Tony Dungy and Tampa Bay's pursuit of a new head coach.

Plus, all of the latest news in Huddle Up, the latest scoop in Buccaneers Buzz, Community News, NFC Central Division Report and the Jock Doc.

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