Keyshawn Shines, But NFC Falls to AFC, 38-30

February 9 – The AFC defeated the NFC, 38-30 in the Pro Bowl on Saturday. Four Pewter Pirates represented the NFC Conference, and Bucs wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson shined the brightest by hauling in six receptions for 50 yards. Some of Tampa Bay's players also sounded off about their team's head coaching situation from Honolulu, Hawaii.

Although six Tampa Bay Buccaneers players were voted to the Pro Bowl this season, only four played in the actual game. Bucs DT Warren Sapp (shoulder) and LB Derrick Brooks (foot) opted not to play in order to rest their injuries. Here is a summary of how the four Tampa Bay players that participated in the Pro Bowl fared on Saturday.

FB Mike Alstott The A-Train started the game at the fullback position and carried the ball two times for 11 yards. Alstott also caught one pass for a 4-yard gain.

CB Ronde Barber Barber also started for the NFC defensive unit at cornerback. Barber struggled a bit. He was beat on post pattern in first quarter by Colts WR Marvin Harrison for TD. Barber got beat again on a comeback route by Patriots WR Troy Brown. Barber actually had good coverage, but Brown made a good play on the ball that was thrown by Raiders QB Rich Gannon as he got drilled. On the very next play, Chiefs RB Priest Holmes ran for a long touchdown run past a diving Barber. Barber also saw plenty of action on special teams. Barber had three tackles in the game.

SS John Lynch Lynch met Jets RB Curtis Martin at goal line, but it was a little too late as Martin already had scored at TD in the first quarter, which game the AFC a 14-10 lead. Lynch also saw action on special teams, and recorded just one tackle in the game.

WR Keyshawn Johnson Johnson had the most productive outing of any Buc. He caught six passes for 50 yards. Johnson did a nice job of pulling in passes on the sideline while managing to keep his feet in bounds on a number of occasions.

Bucs Talk About Coaching Search: Tampa Bay's coaching soap opera was a hot topic in Hawaii, and ABC had a chance to talk to a couple of the Buccaneers' players on the sideline during the Pro Bowl game.

SS John Lynch on what the last three weeks have been like "It's been a soap opera," said Lynch. "It looked like Parcells in the beginning, and then everything we were hearing was that Marvin Lewis was going to be the guy. Something happened along the lines and it's a little unsettling right now to be honest. I'd like to be here relaxing, but there's a lot of people's livelihoods at stake, so hopefully we'll get that situation taken care of.

Lynch when asked if the situation is frustrating "It's frustrating," said Lynch. "You feel like you were so close to being right there, and all the sudden everything is up in arms. The good thing is I think the Glazer Family's motivations right. They're trying to win a championship and whether you agree with everything they're doing, that's what they're doing it for.'

WR Keyshawn Johnson on what's going on in Tampa Bay "I have no idea," said Johnson. "I'm just like y'all, I'm trying to figure it out, too."

Johnson on what it's like to be without a coach "I have a coach," said Johnson. "My coach is Andy Reid."

Johnson on whether or not the Bucs will try to make another run at Oakland head coach Jon Gruden "They just have to get the best guy available, and right now, he's not available," said Johnson. "We'll see what happens."

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