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May 20 – Pewter Report and would like to encourage all Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans to become Club Insiders if you aren't one already. This is a premium service that provides you with EXTRA inside information and analysis not found anywhere else. A Club Insider Membership is our way of providing that additional inside information for those who want it.

After hours of watching Bucs practices and games, reviewing game film, interviewing coaches and players and working the phones, it's just not feasible to put all of the information we collect into the printed version of PewterReport. With photos and advertisements in Pewter Report, space is limited for each story. There are other angles to stories and other quotes from coaches and players that unfortunately have to get edited out of Pewter Report due to space considerations.

Although Pewter Report is usually 36 pages in length, it could easily be 80 pages with the stories we write, quotes we compile and pictures we take, but with the costs of added printing and added postage, it wouldn't be a very profitable venture. That's where the Club Insider comes in.

The Club Insider allows Bucs fans to get some of the late-breaking inside information and analysis not found on, and some of the timely features from Pewter Report, the printed version, such as game coverage. Some of our most popular stories such as the Game Grades, Flynn's Focus, SR's Fab Five, Leo's Late Hits column, and other analytical features, commentary and salary cap information are offered as premium content - available only as a Club Insider. We also do plenty of features that will be totally exclusive to the Club Insider, and not found in Pewter Report. Don't look at this premium service as a replacement for Pewter Report. Think of it as an instant news supplement, which it is.

We have recently increased our editorial and photographic budget to expand the size of Pewter Report and add more content to Seeking revenue to offset expenses is a basic of business, and as all of us are finding out, pay-per-use will be the norm for many, many Web sites in the very near future. Our Web partners,, have provided us with a great vehicle for getting you inside information in a timely manner.

We will continue to post free content on, such as game stories, breaking news and transactions. Those with the Club Insider Membership get additional information and analysis and stories found nowhere else. We view the Club Insider as a way for us to provide more information through longer hours, harder work and more staff for those who are wanting more information and are willing to pay for it. The Club Insider includes the "Ask the Insiders (Members Only)" Message Board, complete with password protection. Also, by signing up for the Club Membership at, you'll be able to read all of the premium content stories on all of the other NFL team sites on network. You'll be able to read ahead and get an early scoop on the Bucs' upcoming opponents as well as divisional opponents.

You can sample some of the features you'll be getting as a Club Insider at no risk for 5 days, then pay just $5.95 per month. When your trial membership expires, we will notify and give you the option of continuing your Club Insider or canceling. Or choose the full-season pass for just $59.95 to lock in one low price for the entire year. That's quite a fair price for exclusive content on the Bucs, their opponents (from other pro team sites on network) and a Ask the Insiders (Members Only) Message Board.

We are offering a discount to Pewter Report subscribers who wish to become Club Insiders. We are also extending a discount to our Club Insiders that want to subscribe to the print version of Pewter Report/Buccaneer Magazine. Here is how it all works.

Sign up for both Pewter Report and the Club Insider for at least one year $89.95 (Florida residents will be charged seven percent sales tax on Pewter Report ($49.99) only). Not only will you save $20.00, you'll have 24 magazines mailed to your home along with the ability to receive insider information on a daily basis with your membership on Remember, Pewter Report and the Club Insiders are totally different entities. So, if you subscribe to both, you're not receiving the same information.

If You're a Pewter Report Print Subscriber Already and Wish to Become a Club Insider for at least One Year You will receive $20.00 off of the $59.99 price for a one-year subscription the Club Insider, which means you will have access to's insider information and "Ask the Insiders" Message Boards for an entire year for the low price of $39.99

If You're a Club Insider Already and Wish to Subscribe to Pewter Report: You will receive $20.00 off of your Pewter Report subscription. So, if you sign up for a one-year subscription to Pewter Report as a Club Insider, you'll secure your subscription for just $29.99 (Florida residents will be charged seven percent sales tax).

Current Pewter Report/Buccaneer Magazine and Club Insiders Can Receive a Discount, Too Unfortunately, we weren't able to reward our subscribers with discounts when we first launched our premium services, but now, if you're already a Pewter Report subscriber and Club Insider, you can extend your Pewter Report subscription and receive $20.00 off of the price.

PLEASE NOTE If you are already a Pewter Report print subscriber and wish to become a Club Insider, you must call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) so one of our customer representatives can give you the proper discount. Your order will be processed within 48 hours. If you have already registered with the message boards, five-day trial or monthly Club Insider, you will need to provide your account information, including User Name, E-Mail Address and Password. If you can't provide this information, we will simply have to create a new user name for you.

We work hard at Pewter Report and to provide you with stories, commentary, analysis and inside information that you won't find in the mass media or on other Web sites. Scott Reynolds has been covering the team at One Buc Place since 1995, which is longer than almost every beat writer covering the team. Leo Haggerty, our managing editor, brings a wealth of football experience and expertise from over 20 years spent coaching in the college and high school ranks as well as several years serving as an NFL scout with Ourlad's scouting service and the BLESTO scouting organization. Assistant editor Jim Flynn has been covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers with Pewte Report/Buccaneer Magazine and since 2000. Together, with other staff writers and guest columnists, we feel we do the best job of educating and informing Bucs fans about their favorite team.

Thanks for your time, and we hope that you will continue to support Pewter Report and the Web site by joining the Club!


Pewter Report and editor-in-chief Scott Reynolds and Pewter Report and assistant editor Jim Flynn

Become an insider today with a subscription to Pewter Report or by becoming a Club Member. Sign up for a Club Membership by clicking here or and call 1-800-881-BUCS(2827) to subscribe to Pewter Report.

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