Bryant Gets The Job Done - Again

Bucs Kicker Is Silent But Deadly

By Jeff Berlinicke There were a lot of heroes to go around during Sunday's 30-27 win over the Atlanta Falcons. Michael Clayton finally emerged from the shadows with three catches for 68 yards. Cadillac Cilliams finally regained the form he shoed duringhis record-setting first three games, and Chris Simms continued to show that he, not Tim Rattay, is the future of the Bucs. Give them all credit, all of the 45 who suited up. But give extra credit to the Great Unknown, Matt Bryant who kicked three field goaland added two extra points in the win. Bryant was the big question mark. He entered training camp withouit a job, just an audition. He had some NFL experience, kicking for the New York Giants , but was the kicker picked by Bucs coach Jon Gruden to get rid of the ugly taste of the last few years of Martin Gramatica. It would have been easy to blame Gramatica for the Bucs kicking woes for the past two seasons since the Super Bowl year of 2002, and the fact is that Gruden had lost confidence. When Gramatica was cut midway through the disaster of 2004, Gruden turned to the waiver wires for Jay Taylor who was adequate at best. Gruden again searched the list of castoffs and somehow came up with Bryant who has been magic all season. The Bucs offense has been shaky all season. Williams has been injured, Simms has been inconsisitent, Clayton hasn't shown up at certain times, and Joey Galloway was barely sighted against the Falcons. The offenseive line is still penalty-prone, and the defense was exposed in the loss on Nov. 6 in an ugly loss to division foe Carolina. Bryant has been the one constant. He doesn't dance and jump around like a Frisbee on ephedrine like Gramatica did; he simply does his job and that's what the Bucs needed on Sunday. Getting the job done: It's all the Bucs could have asked for.

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