Pittman Could Go Full-Speed On Friday

August 1 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held another training camp practice on Thursday morning, and Bucs running back Michael Pittman made another attempt to participate with a sprained ankle, but the attempt was short lived. Tampa Bay will hold a special teams practice on Thursday afternoon, which will allow Pittman to rest his ankle another day. He'll attempt to go full-speed on Friday morning.

Tampa Bay running back Michael Pittman tested his sprained ankle for the second consecutive practice on Thursday morning, but he was only able to participate in a few individual drills before Bucs head coach Jon Gruden decided it was best for the Bucs' feature back to give the sprain another day of rest.

"He (Pittman) participated in some individual work this morning, but he's still not quite ready to go," said Gruden. We're going to give him the afternoon off today and I think there's a chance for him being on the practice field tomorrow to take some turns."

Pittman, who obviously been frustrated watching his teammates practice in pads without him, sounded fairly confident Thursday morning that he'd be ready to go on Friday morning.

"I'm going to wait until tomorrow to go full-speed," said Pittman. "This afternoon is a special teams practice, but tomorrow morning, I should be ready to go."

Pittman tried to sneak out onto the practice field and participate on Wednesday afternoon, but Gruden didn't think he was ready to return and sidelined him shortly after the return. While Pittman is anxious to practice again, he appreciates Gruden looking out for him.

"Coach thought it was best to hold me out," said Pittman. "I was getting very frustrated because the defense was talking a lot of mess out on the field and that was getting me hyped up. But they're just looking out for the best for me. I want to get back there as early as possible, and on Friday, I'll be ready to go. "If we were going to play a game tomorrow, I'd be playing,

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