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August 12 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers sounded off in the locker room after the Pewter Pirates downed the Miami Dolphins in both teams' 2002 preseason opener, 14-10. Pewter Report has Bucs' player reactions to what transpired in Monday night's game at Raymond James Stadium.

Bucs starting left tackle Roman Oben on the team's offensive line play against Miami:
"I think everyone had to do their part and we can build on this and it is something we can grow from. It was not always clean, but when you put your hat on a hat and the running back breaks a big one and you give the quarterback some time and someone makes a catch for a touchdown, everyone is helping each other out. It is never going to be clean, but everyone is working hard and someone is going to make a play. You've just got to keep believing in it."

Bucs strong safety John Lynch on the first-team defense's performance:
"I think we did all right. Our standards are pretty high, so we would have liked a couple of three-and-outs. On that second drive, we let them go on a screen pass, but I think overall, we got the ball well and we hit. Those are the hallmarks of this defense."

Lynch on Frank Murphy's kickoff return for a touchdown:
"What a way to start a season. It is the preseason, but this is a game that sets the tone for the year. He put some juice in the stadium, and he put some juice in this team. I think you see it in the way we were playing tonight."

Bucs WR Keenan McCardell on his first touchdown with Tampa Bay
"We set it up very well a couple of plays before with Mike (Alstott) going up the middle. It drew attention to Mike, and then we ran the bootleg and I had a chance to score. I was wide open in the back with everybody jumping Mike, and I snuck into the back of the end zone and made a touchdown."

Bucs RB Michael Pittman on his 38-yard run against Miami
"I was pumped up about it. The play was called 92 weak easy fake Z around. The way it was written, it worked perfectly. Coach told me to look for the cutback, and the cutback was there. (Dolphins DE) Jason Taylor ran up the field, and I cut underneath him. I saw a free safety in the middle, and I was like, 'I'm going to run this guy over.' I ran him over. It was just a big run, man. My heart was pumping real fast, and I was out there having fun. I probably lost my breath during the run because I was so excited. I tried to make things happen, and things happened."

Bucs QB Brad Johnson on his game against Miami
"I feel very comfortable with the system. But nothing really happened tonight. I thought we could have got a pass interference call on one of them. Then there was a tough play on the other one. We got in the red zone, but nothing happened. I felt comfortable out there and I look forward to getting more playing time."

Bucs KR/WR Frank Murphy on his 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.
"It feels great. You know I have been praying for one and it finally came true. It is just hard work. Everything was blocked perfectly and Aaron Stecker led me on in."

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