Why We Love Football

August 28 - Sandy Penner shares a list of reasons of why we choose to love football in this installment of his column.

I think it came to me as I watched an episode of my new favorite show Hard Knocks on HBO. Yea, I know it's not TV, it's HBO, but I still came to realize some very important stuff about all of us football fans. Sure, it would be better if HBO followed around the Bucs at training camp as opposed to the has been, boring as George Will Dallas Cowboys.

Two weeks ago Dallas third-string WR Anthony Lucas went down with a busted kneecap. The same kneecap he had ripped apart the year before. As he was carted off the field, the rest of his teammates watched in stunned silence. You see Lucas, although not more than a bit player, was loved by his teammates. Although Boys owner Jerry Jones hammed it up for the cameras, the sight of Lucas telling his parents via cell phone that he was done was truly riveting.

Then, out of nowhere, I started bawling like a baby. Yup, that's right, tears, proving to everyone that there indeed is crying in football. At that point, I realized that's one of the trillion reasons I love football. We all love football. And we don't have to make excuses for it. We love football because of human emotion. We love football because careers are on the line every play. And so on and so on. It might only be a short list but I think I speak for every red blooded American male when I say:

We love football because even our wives know not to bother us when we're in smooth harmony with our couch and remote control.

We love football because Bud Selig isn't involved in it.

We love football because why else would Monday night be an acceptable party night.

We love football because soccer is soccer.

We love football because we feel the pain ourselves when Lavar Arrington sticks someone.

We love football because without football we wouldn't have fantasy football and without fantasy football we don't really have much to go on.

We love football because a late score by Tulsa to make it 55-30 could give you a cover and avoid your car being repossessed.

We love football because it's damn near impossible to grab that little strip during a game of flag football.

We love football because of guys like Jon Gruden, Tom Brady, Curtis Martin, Junior Seau, Donovan Mcnabb and Kurt Warner.

We love football because of beer. It might be we love beer just because we love beer, but play along with me please.

We love football because of movie characters like WR Phil Elliott (played by Nick Nolte) in the movie North Dallas Forty. A drink, a smoke and all kinds of pain the day after.

We love football because of Mike Singletary's eyes.

We love football because of two a days and gassers.

We love football because Notre Dame Stadium on a cool fall Saturday might be the closest thing to heaven in sports.

We love football because what else do you plan weddings around. My wife still doesn't think I did so let's leave it at that.

We love football because we actually have such a thing now as professional tailgaters.

We love football because Chuck Bednarik nearly decapitated Frank Gifford in 1960.

We love football because the iditarod dog race has less snow than last years Pats-Raiders playoff game.

We love football because kickers have feelings too.

And of course we love football because when I'm buried I want John Facenda or Harry Kalas to do the eulogy and NFL films to record it.

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