Bucs Post-Game Quotes

August 30 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers concluded its preseason by defeating the the Houston Texans on Friday night, 17-13. Read what the Bucs players had to say about their preseason finale from their locker room inside Reliant Stadium.

Bucs MLB Nate Webster On His Impressive Performance Against Houston:
"I think we came out and played a little Buc Ball. We had a great week of practice and that obviously showed tonight."

Tampa Bay WR Keenan McCardell On The Team's 17-13 Win Against Houston:
"We came out with a win. That's what we wanted. We wanted to end the preseason on an upbeat note and start the season off right. The real bullets start to fly right now."

McCardell On The Bucs' Offensive Struggles Against Houston:
"Well, we struggled on offense, but we had other units step up. Our special teams and defense played great. Sometimes if one phase of the team struggles, somebody else has to pick it up. That's a sign of a good team. We made the plays that we needed to on special teams with a blocked punt and then Nate (Webster) made a big hit and Dexter (Jackson) picked it up and scored a touchdown. At halftime, we knew we had to play better and we came out and sustained some drives."

Bucs S John Howell On His Blocked Punt Which Led To A Touchdown:
"It was a great call by our special teams coach, Rich (Bisaccia). It was in the game plan. We decided to come out in a certain personnel and we were going to check Texas call. They came out in that on the very first punt and we checked it. I ran in wide open and I was able to time it so I took the ball right off of the punter's foot. We got into the end zone and it was a good play."

Tampa Bay WR/PR Karl Williams On The Offense's Play Against Houston:
"We were just inconsistent at a lot of different positions. I had a really slow start and we just have some things we have to straighten out before next week, when the real bullets start flying. The good thing about it is we'll be back at home to open the season up."

Bucs Head Coach Jon Gruden On Tampa Bay's Inconsistent Offensive Performance:
"Penalties were obviously a big story in the first half. We miss-handled a couple of balls we have to make plays on. We're very disappointed in the production we got tonight. We did enough to win tonight, but we have a long way to go."

Gruden On Tampa Bay's Special Teams Unit Coming Up Big:
"Certainly the big plays on special teams just shows the capability and athleticism we have on this football team. Some guys really stepped up tonight and really helped themselves in terms of making this roster."

Gruden On Rookie CB Tim Wansley's Active Game Against Houston:
"He really did (step up). He made a great hit and he made the interception to close the ball game out. Here's a guy that was hurt most of the offseason with an injury he had coming out of Georgia, and he's just starting to find himself. I think he showed everybody what type of competitor he is and what kind of skills he has."

Gruden On Cutting 19 Players On Sunday :
"Well, we played a lot of guys. We went deep into the roster early in the ball game. We can honestly say everybody got a chance (to make the team) and we'll do the best we can to evaluate the roster and keep the guys that deserve to be here. There will be some tough decisions."

Gruden On Opening Up The Regular Season At Home :
"There's no place like it (Raymond James Stadium). We're very excited about it and we want to play our best football at home. We want to get off to a great start and this is going to be a great challenge for us because New Orleans has had a solid offseason. It's a big rivalry. This is the NFC South. It's a new conference and a new beginning and I know we're all excited about it."

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