Bucs Post-Game Quotes

September 15 - Read what the Bucs players had to say about their 25-0 win over the Baltimore Ravens from their locker room inside Ravens Stadium.

Bucs QB Brad Johnson On Completing His First Eight Passes Of The Game:
"They're an extremely tough defense. They only gave up six (points) in preseason and 10 in the first game. We knew we were going to have our hands full. We came out and we were unbelievable on third down conversions. The offensive line did a great job giving me pass protection out there and we just picked them apart all day long. I threw three of four balls away, but we pretty much dominated and controlled the game. We made some extremely long drives and we had to settle for some field goals, but when you play against a defense like Baltimore's, you have to do that. You have to play the way is going. I'm extremely proud of our offense and our team."

Johnson On Having Patience Against Baltimore's Defense:
"I think you have to (have patience). You have to play according to how the game is going. We had to come out of our own red zone a couple of times and we had some long drives. We kept our defense off the field, especially in the first half. When we got to the fourth quarter, we pretty much tried to run the clock out and our defense came away with some big points for us in the very end."

Johnson On Getting Field Goals Instead Of Touchdowns:
"You love to score touchdowns and that's what we were trying to do. But we had too many penalties. We put ourselves in third-and-20 in the red zone. You can't score from that area. We had to settle for a field goal. But we played the game the way it was supposed to be played and we stayed away from turnovers and we did an excellent job today."

Johnson On Jon Gruden's First Win As The Bucs' Head Coach:
"Every win is hard to get in this league. We love to win, especially for him. He's going to win a bunch of football games here as the coach of the Tampa Bay Bucs. But there's nothing like your first win and he'll always remember this one and so will we."

Johnson On Tampa Bay's Game Next Week Against St. Louis On Monday Night:
"In this league you never get to celebrate or dwell too much. We have to string some wins together and we've got a huge game coming up against St. Louis on Monday night. It's going to be a fun game. We've got a day or two off now to rest and we'll get an extra practice in on Wednesday. We're looking forward to a great matchup."

Bucs LB Derrick Brooks On His 97-Yard Interception Return For A Touchdown:
"The read went away from me and I was able to get a beat on him. It was very similar to the play I got last year. But this one was in the red zone and thank God I was able to catch it and run without getting caught."

Brooks On Getting A Shutout:
"It means a lot. It really hasn't soaked in right now because we made a lot of mistakes out there that we have to correct. But we know it's big. Everyone gets the game ball when you get a shutout. It shows the effort of our defense to bounce back after last week's performance."

Brooks On Being Fired Up For The Game:
"We had been saying all week that we had to come out and get started fast. On the road, you need to start fast as a team. We got some plays early and our offense moved the ball and our defense got the ball right back to the offense. It was a team effort. That's something we need to build on every week."

Bucs RT Kenyatta Walker on Returning To The Starting Lineup:
"I've got to get better. This was the first game with me being back in there and we played pretty good. But I have to expect to play good every week and they (the coaches) are going to be on me harder and harder every week to play good. He (Coach Gruden) always tells me he wants to give me the keys to Tampa, but I've got to earn it. But that's good. I want the key to Florida."

Walker On Returning To The Lineup With RG Cosey Coleman:
"That was big. That's my best friend right now. He's a real good guy and we room together. We're real good friends. We were comfortable and we're going to get more and more comfortable. That was our first taste of battle and it's a long year."

Bucs Head Coach Jon Gruden On The Team's Win:
"It was a great feeling. We had to do this and we had to have this game. That was the theme around here – find a way to win and start fast. I thought the opening offensive drive, the three-and-out on defense and the 19-play scoring drive really set the stage."

Gruden On Rebounding From Last Sunday's Loss To The Saints:
"We have some guys on this team with a lot of pride. I think the big thing is we have to get over the newness to one another and respond to game day. We've got to play better and play with more emotion. We came in here and won on the road and played to our capabilities for the most part."

Gruden On Having Walker And Coleman Back On The Offensive Line:
"It was big. Kenyatta has had a lot of publicity here lately. We're going to continue to raise the bar for him and force him to be the player we want him to be because that's the only way we're going to become the offensive team we want to be. Cosey Coleman is a young guy that obviously can emerge into a blue chip kind of player if he continues working. But they made a difference today."

Gruden On The Play Of His Offense:
"We were very pleased. We had some long sustained scoring drives. We'd like to get touchdowns in the red zone and I'm confident we'll crack that rock. But in the second half, we were obviously a little more conservative with the negative field position and the score of the game."

Gruden On The Special Teams' Play:
"(That was) a big play. Karl Williams has that big-play ability and he makes a big play to ignite us. I thought our coverages were good and I thought Tom Tupa really hammered the ball. We addressed our PAT protection and gave (Martin) Gramatica some good looks, too."

Gruden On The Defense Posting A Shutout:
"I thought they played tremendous. They're well coached and well trained and they play together. It's always a collective production when you get a shutout. The offense doesn't turn the ball over and you get good play from the special teams. It was a good team effort today and our defense was tremendous."

Gruden On Next Week's Showdown With The Rams On Monday Night Football:
"Our coaches are going to get an extra day to zoom in on the Rams. We'll take a look at the Giant game this afternoon to see what the outcome of that game is. We'll try to put the best game plan possible together and we'll get Raymond James (Stadium) rocking. We're going to need your (the fans) for that one."

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