Bruce Allen transcript — July 30

Here is the complete transcript from Buccaneers general manager Bruce Allen's press conference on Monday, July 30, with the Tampa-area media regarding the condition of quarterback Chris Simms.

Bruce Allen: Good afternoon. You all came for a special teams practice. Are we going to talk about the kicking game right now?

Q: There are a lot of rumors floating around about Chris Simms. Are any teams calling you about him?

BA: No.

Q: Bruce, there's a report out that Chris Simms has a couple of problems. One, maybe a sore arm, and also something called proprioception. First let's start with the sore arm. Does he have a sore arm and what are your concerns about that.

BA: No, Chris as all quarterbacks that go through training camp, deal with different sorenesses. We have defensive linemen that have sore elbows, sore shoulders from the pounding. Nothing unusual. I saw the report, the headline and all of that. That's inaccurate.

Q: But his activity was limited today or yesterday?

BA: No, he practiced today. I know the report said he didn't practice yesterday or today. He practiced.

Q: It said he didn't work in the team (drills).

BA: He worked in the — I know what your report said, Dr. Stroud (referring to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times, who broke the report). And he did practice in team today and yesterday.

Q: In 11-on-11?

BA: Yes.

Q: Did he throw in 11-on-11 today?

BA: Part of the plays and all of that, he practiced today. He practiced yesterday.

Q: Well, all right. Was he limited at all today because of the sore shoulder?

BA: I'm not going to get into medical conditions of all of our players. But he did practice today.

Q: Has Chris come back the way you expected him to from the last month that he had off, between the end of OTAs and the mini-camp to now?

BA: Yeah, he's performing very similar to his performance this offseason.

Q: But in the offseason there were all kinds of, according to him when we talked to him, disconnect between his body and his arm and it doesn't appear at least that anything has changed. Do you expect him to be ready to play in the preseason? Do you think that he can do everything out here right now that he needs to do along with Luke (McCown), Bruce (Gradkowski) and the other guy (Jeff Garicia)?

BA: Yes.

Q: Bruce, what do you attribute his obvious lack on consistent reps the last few days to?

BA: Actually we have charted, from Day 1, all of the throws and going into yesterday he was five or six behind Jeff Garcia, and I would think that when we get the report tonight he's still second on the team in number of throws and the difference is probably fairly small.

Q: When did he first come to you and say that he had an issue with his arm?

BA: He hasn't.

Q: When did was the team notified, or when did he let the team know that?

BA: Our players each day come in and talk to trainers about different aches and pains. It is not unusual at all for us to give people different kinds of breaks during training camp.

Q: But my question was when did he come to the team and say, ‘Hey, my arm's a little sore, I've got an issue,' whatever that led to the fact that his reps have been reduced the past 24 or 48 hours?

BA: The premise of that question is wrong, so I don't know how to answer that.

Q: He did acknowledge some discomfort. You said a lot of players experience soreness, quarterbacks among them.

BA: I don't get into everybody's medical condition.

Q: Does he have a sore arm? I mean, if you can just break it down? Is his arm perfectly healthy? His arm is not an issue?

BA: It's not an issue.

Q: The arm is not an issue?

BA: No.

Q: He does not have a sore arm?

BA: I said his arm is not an issue.

Q: Is his health an issue?

BA: His health is not an issue.

Q: So he's never related to you that he's struggled to get his body and his arm in sync, that he doesn't feel like himself right now.

BA: Does Chris feel like he's at his ‘A' game right now? Probably not. He missed a lot of time last year with his injury, but he's been, this offseason, working very hard and he wants to get back into a rhythm, there's no doubt about that. And he will work to get there.

Q: Is he suffering from proprioception disorder, whatever you might want to call it? Is that something that the team is more or less …

BA: I think you ought to look up —

Q: I have. I'm asking you if this is something your team —

BA: I think if you look it up you'll find out that it's really not the right correlation between his condition —

Q: What is the right correlation for his condition?

BA: He's a football player.

Q: What is the right correlation for his condition?

BA: Any other questions?

Q: Football player is not a health issue Bruce, it's his position. C'mon Bruce, we're trying to get answers so that the people out there that buy tickets to watch your football team play (Allen saying "I know" under the question) know whether their backup quarterback, the No. 2, the guy who wears No. 2 for your football team, what his health is, what the situation is. There are reports out there, and my guess is that they're not totally inaccurate, and we're trying to get to the bottom of it.

BA: The reports today were completely inaccurate.

Q: Bruce, Jon Gruden himself has even acknowledged the struggle that he's going through to get Chris adequate reps. He said on Saturday that he would try to get him reps in the afternoon, he wasn't able to do that (it rained), he hasn't gotten a ton of reps from what we can see. You claim that he's five or six reps behind Jeff Garcia. How is that the case, given —

BA: Throws.

Q: I'm sorry.

BA: I said throws.

Q: Well, then that's not the same as reps then? Is there a distinction?

BA: That had to do with a previous question.

Q: In 11-on-11 yesterday, after he did some 7-on-7 work, he did not get a single rep —

BA: Yes he did. You said he didn't take any in your article, Rick, and that's incorrect.

Q: Tomorrow, what's the game plan for him tomorrow? Is he going to throw in the 7-on-7?

BA: Yes.

Q: Throwing in the 11-on-11?

BA: That's the plan.

Q: Is that the plan?

BA: Yes

Q: Does his lack of mechanics have anything to do with the injury that he had last September, because he started throwing in December?

BA: You know, Chris could probably discuss that a little bit better, where he's at and what he feels. But right now, what Roy (Tampa Tribune reporter Cummings) said is the plan.

Q: Is he suffering at all from any kind of medical disorder connected to, you know, my brain realizes that I'm moving my arm up and down right now and all that kind of stuff (waves arm wildly)? Is there anything? Or are you basically telling me that this is typical of a kid that went through some surgery, his mechanics —

BA: No, no, no. First of all he has a very unusual injury. You can't say there's something typical of having your spleen removed.

Q: Good point

BA: But what he's been able to, he's proved that physically he's fine. We just have to see if we can get a little bit better each day. That's all we're trying to do as a whole football team.

Q: Do you think there's a mental connection to that?

BA: I didn't say that.

Q: I know. I was going to ask the same thing —

BA: No, I thought you were asking that —

Q: You said physically he's fine, but is there a mental disconnect with the body?

BA: (Allen chuckles) No.

Q: Bruce for clarification, the PUP (physically unable to perform list) is only for before camp?

BA: Yes. That was inaccurate to, in the story. That's not an option.

Q: That's before everyone reports for the final deadline, correct?

BA: You have to take a preseason physical, a training camp physical, the day training camp starts. If you fail that physical, that's the only time you could be put on PUP.

Q: So Simeon Rice would have bee the option there?

BA: That would have been the only one.

Q: Is Daunte Culpepper still an option?

BA: I believe he's still a free agent, so I think he's an option for everybody.

Q: Is he an option for you?

BA: He's a free agent.

Q: Have you had any contact with him since the meeting in Tampa two weeks ago?

BA: No.

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