Bucs chat — The hot topic

On Sunday night Buccaneers expert Matthew Postins held a free chat with BucsBlitz.com users. This is an excerpt from Sunday night's chat regarding the competition at the center position. The rest of the transcript from the chat can be found at BucsBlitz.com on Wednesday morning.

iDRIVEaCADDY: What about the center spot?

MP: Center is kind of weird. I keep hearing about competition between (John) Wade and (Dan) Buenning, but I can't see them giving Buenning the job outright. He has so little experience there, and Wade has so much. Buenning is certainly more physical, but Wade has the edge making the line calls and maturity.

MP: I still think Wade wins the job and Buenning is second string, but one of my colleagues thinks the Bucs really want to give Buenning the job, and will if they can.

iDRIVEaCADDY: If Wade wins it will Dan go back to LG?

MP: Buenning would be the backup center and a swing guard, if needed. His days of being solely a guard are gone, and that will help make the roster.

MP: (Anthony) Davis and (Arron) Sears are your candidates at left guard this year.

iDRIVEaCADDY: Yeah, but are either better than Dan? We want our best 11 on the field.

ThePewterPirate: Who has the edge?

MP: I think it has more to do with the fact that the Bucs envision Buenning as their center of the future, and saw a player in Arron Sears that they thought, long term, would be better than Buenning. So they took Sears with the idea of getting him at left guard and competing with someone -- turned out to be Davis -- and starting Buenning's trek to becoming a center. Buenning's physical ability, his ability to get a great push at the line is a great asset for a guard, but it's even better for a center.

iDRIVEaCADDY: Is he (Buenning) smart enough (to play center)?

MP: Buenning? I believe so. That's his biggest learning curve, though, learning the signals and being able to read defenses and make the proper checks. That's why I think Wade will win the job. He knows all that.

iDRIVEaCADDY: Couldn't (Jeff) Garcia help Bueninng since he is a vet? I mean like before the play

MP: All QBs help the center before the play. But the center's job is to relay any audibles or checks to his linemates. And the best centers recognize fronts and coverages before the QB and relay what they see to them.

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