Jon Gruden Transcript: Aug. 1

Here is the transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's morning press conference at training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports on Wednesday, Aug. 1:

On Phillip Buchanon

"We rested Phillip today. He's really having a heck of a camp. Tomorrow will be Phillip Buchanon day here at training camp, but we gave him a morning off because we wanted him to get well. He's an extremely fast football player and we gave him a lot of running yesterday. He took advantage of his turns and he was rewarded this morning with a morning off."

On what he sees in Quincy Black

"Well, you see flashes of real talent and then you see flashes where [you say], 'Man he needs to pick it up.' So he's like a lot of young guys that are learning this defense. A lot of people think it's one front or two fronts and not a lot of volume, but it's a very disciplined football style that we play here. Right now he's got to pick up the discipline, the communication and the recognition. And those things are going to come in time. But he's very athletic, he'll hit you and when see the light on, he's easy to spot on tape. But there are some plays in between there that he's going to learn from quickly."

On if the players getting Wednesday afternoon off means he's getting soft

"No, every year after the fourth padded practice I like for the big guys to get an afternoon off. That's the case again this year. Four consecutive padded practices today we worked on short-yardage and had a lot of physical play in 9-on-7. Yesterday we had a live goal-line drill. We've had four really good 9-on-7 physical practices and we'll use this afternoon to have a little fellowship, a little camaraderie, a little team activity."

On if the team is going to the movies

"Yeah, I think we will. We'll see if we can go see something."

On when Petitgout's absence becomes a concern

"He'll be back tomorrow. We did a lot of research into his New York Giants days. He's played a long time and training camp's a long time, especially for some guys who have been on a specific program for the last three or four or five years. But we're not concerned at all. We feel good about Petitgout, and in the time being it's a great opportunity for us to look at Donald Penn, who's doing some good things, and certainly Anthony Davis."

On if it's surprising that Adams has a triceps injury

"No, guys do get in piles. We could probably have Gaines practice today, but according to the doctors and trainers, they felt maybe a day or two off would help him. He needs to get back out there. Gaines, get your butt back out there; we have a lot in store for you."

On Luke McCown getting a lot of reps

"He's earned them. He's earned them. I'm not counting reps, I'm giving reps to guys who are getting it done. The guy's getting it done. We could stand over here and count passes, how many reps you get, but the bottom line is, at every camp I've been in, the guys who take the reps are the guys the coaches want to see and they've earned them. McCown is a guy that missed the whole year last year I want to reiterate that. He deserves the reps he's getting and he's got my attention."

On if McCown has a good arm

"Yeah, he's a very mobile guy, too. He's an athletic guy, he's a heads-up football player and he needs to get some experience in the pocket. The tight red zone is a hard place to throw the football against a maximum zone, a two-deep, five-under zone. There are not a lot of places to throw the football, and he needs to get some work there where he hasn't had it in a long time. To be honest with you, he's earned the reps he's getting."

On Brian Kelly

"He's going to make a difference for us. When you look at [Ronde] Barber and Buchanon and Kelly, those are three good corners. We didn't have Buchanon last year until late, we didn't have Kelly basically all last season, so two out of our three corners we're talking about here are back and healthy and playing good football. That allows you to do some things defensively and we're encouraged by having BK back with us."

On if McCown is now second on the depth chart

"I'm not going to say anything right now other than Luke is a healthy guy that has got my attention and certainly our football team's attention. He's doing some good things."

On if McCown's experience is showing

"How many years has he had? He was hurt last year. He hasn't got a bevy of experience. Yeah, he's been around a long time, sitting in an ice tub. He's got experience in an ice tub. He doesn't have a bit of experience as a quarterback, really, other than a couple preseason games. He did start a couple games for Cleveland before we made the trade, but this is a young guy who hasn't done very much at all between the lines. I think it will be interesting to see what he does with his opportunities."

On stressing tempo in practice

"It's good. You can't run 26 plays in 20 minutes if you don't have great tempo. You can run 15 plays if you have average tempo. While it's hot, I like to get guys in and out of the huddle. It puts a lot of mental pressure on you. If you don't have 20 seconds to think about what the coverage is or what your route is, it puts a lot of mental pressure on you. When the games start, this is a fast-paced game. You've got to substitute quickly, you've got to communicate, you've got to shift motion, you've got to react fast. That goes for both sides of the ball. The faster we are from a tempo standpoint on offense, the better, the quicker our recognition will be on defense."

On never having enough quarterbacks

"A lot of people have been counting my quarterbacks. I'm looking for one quarterback. I'm going to make myself perfectly clear: I'm looking for one guy that we can live with for five or 10 or 20 years. Until we find that guy, we'll keep looking. We love [Jeff] Garcia and what he's doing for our team. He's clearly the starting quarterback on our football team. We're hoping one of the young guys can step up and be a guy that challenges. But I agree with you: You never have enough good players."

On the battle between McCown and Gradkowski

"It's a battle, it's an ongoing process. Every day you practice different aspects of your football. Today we worked a tight red zone, and like I said, Luke hasn't been in the tight red zone, as quarterback with all of his lack of experience. So we wanted to give him some opportunities so he could gain some experience there. But I think it's a battle. It's going to continue to be a battle and that's the way it should be when you're young and you haven't done much in pro football."

On if he loves this part of the game

"Yeah, it's going to be a tough, eye-opening experience for a lot of these guys. You try to get them as ready as you can in training camp and the preseason games. Of course, not a lot of teams are playing their front-line starters for very long, and when they do it's not really a specific game-planning type of agenda. So you've got to really try to put your players in different situations and put pressure on them. Make it like a game without overdoing it, because it's a long period of time we have here. But you've got to love it, developing young guys and trying to get the most out of veterans that you acquire on your team."

On Patrick Chukwurah being a stand-up rush end in a 3-4 defense

"You're killing me with the 3-4, man. I don't know. We're a 4-3 team. We haven't even seen one snap of a 3-4 and we've run 1,100 plays. He could play in about any defense, I think. Right now his hand is in the grass and he's a defensive end playing on the right side."

On fumbles

"We had two fumbles. I think one was on a late whistle, honestly, and Lionel Gates fumbled in a short-yardage situation. If you fumble the ball, you won't be here long. You cannot turn the ball over. The ball carriers hold the entire organization in their hands, and when you let us down, man, you really let us down."

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