Jon Gruden Transcript: Aug. 3

Here is the transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's morning press conference at training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports on Friday, Aug. 3 courtesy of the Buccaneers:

Here is the transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's morning press conference at training camp at Disney's Wide World of Sports on Friday, Aug. 3 courtesy of the Buccaneers:

On if T Luke Petitgout's missed practices have become an issue

"No, he'll be back tomorrow. We'd like to say he practiced today, but he'll be back tomorrow."

On the status of DE Gaines Adams

"Yes, he practiced a few periods. He was somewhat limited, but he and Ellis Wyms returned to practice today, and they'll pick up reps and become more and more involved hopefully tomorrow. But they did return today."

On CB Phillip Buchanon receiving time at wide receiver

"He's a guy who we're going to work into our offensive plans a little bit. He's a really athletic guy who can make plays. He's fast, and he's got creativity after the catch, so there will be some things that we continue to look at with Phillip."

On LB Cato June and DE Patrick Chukwurah

"We've brought Cato in because he's a Pro Bowl linebacker. He's a heck of a player, and his speed, his athleticism, his playmaking is contagious. It's something that you point out every time he's out there. He's got tremendous stamina. He's a heck of a football player. Chukwurah's a guy who can rush the passer. He rushed the passer in Denver, and he's going to rush the passer for us. We're pleased with both those guys very much."

On how the offensive line is developing

"We're better; we're a better offensive line than we've been. I can only compare that to the last four or five training camps. We're better. We're a better offensive line. How much better? Depends on how they perform between the lines on game day, but the right guard [Davin Joseph] has had a tremendous camp. I mean he's been stellar. He's done a heck of a job. And [Jeremy] Trueblood is comfortable now in a right-handed stance. We're really pleased with our rookie, [Arron] Sears, at left guard, so we're better. Donald Penn has done a good job for us. Anthony Davis is still a guy who has played a lot of football at left tackle. And I know [Luke] Petitgout will help us when he returns. So, we're better, and the quarterback's a heck of a lot better. He's playing extremely well for us. He's made a big difference."

On if he sees G Arron Sears fitting in well on the offensive line

"Yes, I sure do. I sure do."

On DE Gaines Adams returning to practice today

"He was able to take part in the first three or four periods of practice, and, as I said earlier, his team snaps will pick up here in the next day or two."

On DE Gaines Adams status

"He returned to practice in a limited fashion. He's got a serious injury, not severe but it is a real injury that has taken a couple of days to let the swelling go down. And we taped it up today, and he should be ready to go and hopefully take some team reps tomorrow."

On how he is doing

"I'm doing alright. I'm doing just fine. Thank you for asking."

On if he is looking forward to the team's family day tomorrow

"I always do. You know, some of the players have kids who are my kids' age. And I remember those days. It's time for the wives, the families to get an afternoon, evening off and get reacquainted. This is, at times, a lonely, dark profession, and I want these guys to reunite with their loved ones. We're looking forward to that tomorrow."

On what he hoped Petitgout would bring to the team

"He's a good left tackle in the NFL. I heard some comments from their general manager. I don't know him. All I know is he started and played darn good football. And he's a guy who we're counting on to give us some good, solid play on the left side and leadership and consistency. He'll give us that, and he'll be back tomorrow, and I think you'll see that."

On if he's being extra-cautious with Petitgout

"No, I'm not. I'm being honest with you. I'm doing what the training staff advises, and I'm real confident in Petitgout. He's going to be fine. He'll be back on the field tomorrow. He's missed three-and-a-half practices, three-and-a-half days. And it's unfortunate, but it's a reality. And I'll answer any other questions. He'll be back on the field tomorrow, and he'll be a guy we count on to deliver for us."

On what he's seeing out of the running game

"We're making progress. Again, I don't want to be a prognosticator or anything like that. We've got a really good running back who could be great if we get some credibility throwing the football. If we keep defenses off balance and get ourselves some second and normal situations — second-and-threes and fives, we'll be a very good running team, I think. We do have some thumpers up front. We've got some athletic ability at guard. We do have a quarterback who understands the game, who will not run at unblockable looks and take advantage in the passing game."

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