Idiosyncratic Routine — Aug. 9

This is my personal blog, the "Idiosyncratic Routine" (those fond of Kevin Smith's films will get the title). Here, each day, I'll write on random topics, both Bucs related and non-Bucs related. Because, well, I can never write enough, and sometimes the things I learn on this beat can't be fit into a story. So, until the carpal tunnel sets in, I'll keep typing.

Thursday, Aug. 9

So much for my vacation

That's what happens when Mike Alstott makes news — your day goes in the crapper. Not that Mike had a great day, either. He knows the end of his career is near. You'd well up to if something you dreamed about all your life was about to slip away.

Mike Alstott. (AP)
It's funny. He just said two weeks ago that he had hoped he would end his career on his own terms. I guess that part of his reasoning for not retiring on Thursday. He wants every opportunity to do it his way. When you've done what he's done for the last 12 years, you earn that.

Still, it's that dream that won't let go. I wanted to play pro golf when I was a kid, but it naturally didn't happen for a variety of reasons. But I didn't let go of that dream until a few years ago. There was always that thought of, ‘If I can just get up at 5 a.m. and start practicing every day for the next couple of years…' Then you realize there aren't enough hours in the day, no matter how much you lobby God for the extra time. It just doesn't come.

We have plenty of great Alstott content on the site right now, including an analysis on how the Bucs will adjust without him in 2007, Plus my own column on why I believe it's time for Alstott to retire.

We're also soliciting your favorite memories of Alstott. Just go to our message board and find the Submit Mike Alstott memories thread at the top. It's not going anywhere for a week.

A word on Jake

The Bucs and Broncos have submitted paperwork to claim at least part of the $7 million in bonus money Jake Plummer walked away with when he "retired" in March.

NFLPA's rules allow the teams to do this. What's interesting is that the Broncos are involved, but the Bucs appear unwilling to share any of the money recouped (at least according to a couple of published reports I've read). That could lead to some sparring, since it was Denver's, not Tampa Bay's, money to begin with.

Plummer never reported to training camp in Orlando, and doesn't appear willing to. Yet, he hasn't filed his retirement paperwork. So what's he up to? Don't you wish he'd figure it out so we could stop writing about this? Lord knows I do.

I'd love to write more about my Cowboys whipping the Colts, but it's late and I have a fantasy draft to prepare for. So long for now. MP

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