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September 29 - Read what the Tampa Bay players and head coach Jon Gruden had to say about their 35-7 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

Bucs DT Warren Sapp on the team's 35-7 win over the Bengals:
"Our offense really did a good job of moving the ball for us. We went out and got ourselves some third-down stops. The offense went out and did the things they needed to do to get us some points on the board and we got us a win."

Sapp on not overlooking the Bengals:
"With all of the veterans we have on this team, we weren't allowing ourselves to get into a 16-13 overtime game again. We wanted to come up here and assert ourselves as the type of team we are and finish the first quarter of the season at 3-1 and we can move from here with a three-game winning streak."

Sapp on containing RB Corey Dillon on Sunday:
"Corey Dillon is probably the most underrated running back in this league. What he does for this team is unbelievable. He runs for 1,300 or 1,400 yards per season on a team like this. When everybody knew he was going to get the ball we just sat in an eight-man front and he was still pounding at us. We didn't want him to get 55 yards today to become the all-time leading (Bengals) rusher, but he got it on us. He's just that kind of back."

Sapp on Tampa Bay's game at Atlanta next Sunday:
"They have a potent (offense). It's a scary (offense) with (Michael Vick) and Warrick Dunn in the backfield. Those are two jitterbugs and we're going to have our work cutout for us. We're going to go in and watch the film and do what we do."

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on the being tied for first place in the NFC South Division:
"That's good, but we don't want to be tied. We're happy to have won this game. It was a short week and we went on the road and took care of business. We got a little sloppy and a little disjointed at times, but these guys played hard and we found a way to win it."

Gruden on the offense's costly penalties:
"Sometimes it's a lack of discipline. Cincinnati came in here today, the first half particularly from a defensive standpoint, and gave us an unbelievable variety of blitzes. I think we were flagged a couple of times for alignment errors. I thought we settled down in the second half, but our execution wasn't as sharp. We have to find the right nix, but I thought you saw today that the protection was there."

Gruden on the offense making big plays against Cincinnati's zone blitzes:
"When you play Dick LeBeau, you're talking about a guy that had as much to do with the uprising of the Steelers' 3-4 blitzing scheme several years ago as anyone. Since he's been in Cincinnati, he's made a living by being the doctor of the zone blitz. We were able to make some big plays against it today. They were able to make a couple also. But we got a good defensive effort. Brad (Johnson) made some big plays and we're looking to get out of here. We're excited."

Gruden on LG Kerry Jenkins playing with a cracked fibula:
"That's hopefully something we can build on around here just from an image standpoint of what we want this offensive line to be. What can you say about a guy that plays with a legitimate crack in his fibula? He's in no medical danger, but at the same time, the pain threshold is something he had to deal with. He didn't even want to come out of the game late in the game. Hopefully we can get him back to healthy and get Kenyatta (Walker) back."

Gruden on how the offensive line played:
"It's hard to say. We scored 28 points and we had four offensive touchdowns. That's a positive. We did have a couple of breakdowns in pass protections where we don't expect any because of the type of protection we called. I thought these guys stuck in there and played hard. I thought they played very well at times to give Brad (Johnson) some time and some chances to make plays downfield."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's defense holding Cincinnati's offense scoreless:
"It's fun (watching this defense). We expect a lot more of (them flying around). It's not a mirage. These guys are fast, they believe in what we're doing and they'll hit you."

Gruden on the Bucs' defense holding the Bengals' offense to 48 total yards in the first half:
"That's a great tribute to our defense. Cincinnati obviously struggled a little bit. This was their third quarterback in four games. I'll say this about our defense. We tackle, we play hard and we generate turnovers. We've intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown three straight games. I like that."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's big game against Atlanta next week:
"It's going to be a very fast football game. Michael Vick and Warrick Dunn we know can run well on Astroturf. It's a quick surface. We've got to have a good week of practice and get ready to fight a real strong football team."

Tampa Bay QB Brad Johnson throwing three touchdown passes against Cincinnati:
"We ended up with three touchdown passes, but today was a big win for us, especially coming off of a big Monday night game and coming up here on the road. It was a loud stadium for us. We really recovered from the interception they ran back and put seven up on us. We really dominated from that point on. They blitzed everything but the kitchen sink today. They through a lot at us and we came up with some big plays, but we can play better."

Johnson on his 65-yard touchdown pass to WR Keenan McCardell:
"We called a curl and had a little out-and-up with Keenan. Their corner jumped and it was a one-on-one with their other guy. It was wide open and I just threw it up there. And that's where you get your yards after the catch plays. People have been talking about how we have to throw downfield, but we are very, very aggressive in our play calling. We call a lot of plays downfield, but if you don't get the right coverage, we're going to be a high-completion team. That's what we were, but we hit some big ones today."

Johnson On His Touchdown Pass to TE Rickey Dudley:
"We had three receivers out on that particular play. It wasn't open to the left and the free safety jumped up and it was Cover 3, so it was one-on-one with the strong safety. He ran right down the middle of the field and made a great catch. He actually broke a couple of tackles to get into the end zone. It was a great play for us. That's been a great play for us in the past and a big play here for us recently. That's the first time we got a touchdown on it this year."

Johnson on hitting TE Ken Dilger for a score against the Bengals:
"He's actually our fourth outlet guy on that particular play. They covered everyone else and just dumped it off to him. He made a great run with yards after the catch, so we ended up having three touchdown passes over 30 yards. Your big plays come with yards after the catch. We did a great job of that."

Johnson on Tampa Bay's game at Atlanta next Sunday:
"It's a big game. Carolina lost today and the Saints lost the game. We're in a tie for first place and every game is big. It's another game for us on the road, but we're starting our first (away) division game with Atlanta. It's one we have to win. They had a bye this week, so I'm sure they're rested and they've been scouting us pretty good. We feel pretty good right now."

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