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This is "Postscripts," my personal blog. Here, each day, I'll write on random topics, both Bucs related and non-Bucs related. This blog also includes links to the top Bucs stories on the Web. Why? Because, well, I can never write enough, and sometimes the things I learn on this beat can't be fit into a story. So, until the carpal tunnel sets in, I'll keep typing.

Friday, Aug. 17

The Bucs Buzz

Training camp ended with a whimper, which means most of the area news outlets did too.

We were all taken by surprise when the Bucs canceled their final practice on Thursday.

The Tampa Tribune chose to focus on the highs and lows of what writer Roy Cummings called one of the "oddest training camps in Buccaneers history." I produced a similar piece yesterday which you can access here.

At the St. Petersburg Times, they used the end of camp to publish a piece on linebacker Cato June. As June heads home to Tampa and settles in with a good Eddie Murphy movie, head coach Jon Gruden said there will be plenty for the linebacker to do this season, even though June spent most of last Friday's game on the bench. Naturally, Gruden chose to keep exactly what June might do to himself.

Cox update

Apparently cornerback Torrie Cox is taking his appeal for his four-game suspension for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy in a different direction, according to a web report by the St. Petersburg Times.

The cornerback's attorney is now claiming that Cox's problem is a disability and should be protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The suit, according to the Times, does not specify that Cox has a problem with alcohol, but that he is perceived to be and that's the reason the NFL is taking action.

Cox, however, has been charged twice with suspicion of driving under the influence and once with reckless driving while in Tampa. Reportedly, a drink of champagne at his wedding set in motion the wheels for the suspension. He had the drink after being placed in a program in which alcohol was prohibited.

The NFL is a letter of the law outfit nowadays, so the suspension doesn't surprise me (though, c'mon — one glass of champagne at a wedding? This is what we're going to suspend the guy for?).

The fact is, Cox used up his chances before this suspension. His declining play the last couple of years forced the Bucs to seek more competition at cornerback, and that competition is beating Cox out.

As I said in July when the suspension came down, Cox will eventually serve the suspension. He just won't do it in Tampa Bay. He'll be gone by September. In fact, here's the column I wrote on the subject back in July.

Another fantasy expert

Yes, I think those of us that play fantasy football for any length of time can say we're an expert. I tend to think I have some expertise in the area. In fact, my 2007 busts can be found in this space tomorrow, and my sleepers ran in Thursday's edition.

But one of my old friends is now with the Houston Chronicle as one of their experts, and his knowledge is worth a read.

Chris Chancellor is a former member of the Lone Star Football League (faithful readers of Postscripts — all two of you — know this as the one fantasy league I care about). He actually helped found it in 1991, back when fantasy football drew shoulder shrugs from even the most die-hard of football fans. Chancellor and I went to college together and our friend, Chuck Cox (who is still in the LSFL) recruited me to join the league in 1993. I also have Chancellor to thank for making me commissioner of the league in 1995 (or is he the one I have to blame?).

He will lend his considerable knowledge to the Chronicle, where he also works as one of their top ad reps. His first contribution can be found here.

Now, I know what you're asking — Why should I care about yet ANOTHER fantasy expert? Well, he went to the LSFL's championship game nine times, and won the title four times, in 15 years. And in the other league he founded, an auction league, he's won the title the last three years.

Chancellor, simply put, knows what works. Listen to him.

Now that I'm done pimping for my friends, it's time to get ready for Saturday's game. I'll be blogging throughout, so look for the links to the blog on at and on the message board. Until then, MP.

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