Jon Gruden Transcript: Aug. 21

Here is the transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's press conference after practice on Aug. 21, courtesy of the Buccaneers

On Jerry Mackey

We made a trade today for Jerry Mackey, a linebacker from the Jets.

On if Mackey is an outside or middle linebacker

He's a versatile guy. He's going to play on the outside for the most part. He's played a little bit of Mike but we'll look at him on the outside.

On Arron Sears getting injured during practice

I can't really comment other than we'll get some information later. He sprained his ankle today. Well update you when we get some information.

On if the Bucs would look at the recently-released Jeremiah Trotter

I can't comment on that at this point, but were looking for players.

On how Sears got hurt

He just sprained his ankle basically in a passing period, a pass protection period. But, again, I don't have any information until we get the word from the trainer.

On what adjustments will be made if Sears cant play

We'll make adjustments. What those are, we're going to make those decisions if and when we have to. So I'm not going to speculate until I found out exactly what's wrong with him.

On dealing with it when promising players get injured

It's just disappointing. I'm not going to say that he's out; he could be back here this afternoon, you never know. Last year we lost [Davin] Joseph, [Kenyatta] Walker and [Dan] Buenning — that was hard to swallow. We've lost quarterbacks, we've lost a lot of players here. We lost Simeon Rice and we lost a number of guys that went down. That's just part of this business. Again, I don't want to speculate and sound too negative, woe is us. There's a good chance he'll be okay.

On the progress of Phillip Buchanon's injured hand

He'll be fine. I don't know that he'll play in this game; I don't know that he won't. But he'll be ready for the regular season; he's doing just fine. But he does have a sore hand and he didn't go today.

On if the Bucs might hold Buchanon and Tanard Jackson out of the rest of the preseason

Oh, I don't know. Again, I make those decisions based on what the trainer tells me. We'll adjust every day accordingly. Sometimes guys are quick healers, sometimes they're not. So I'm not going to speculate other than right now both of those guys didn't practice and their status for this game is in question.

On if the first-teamers are excited about possibly playing more this week

We don't know who the first-teamers are at some positions. That's a good reason to substitute and change the lineup as we have the first two games. There's competition and that will remain Saturday night in Miami. We need to take a good look at some players and to do that we want to see them against Miami's starters.

On his tentative plans for QB Jeff Garcia

I don't have tentative plans. We have plans that are sure-fire with Garcia. Once again, we are going to start Jeff. How long he plays depends a little bit on how it goes. We want to see a lot more [Luke] McCown, we want to see a lot more Bruce [Gradkowski]. We want to figure out who the second-team quarterback is and who the third-team quarterback is. We know who our starter is.

Is it tough to balance Garcia's playing time as he's new to the system

Well, Jeff has played a long time. He's played a long time with different football teams and he's comfortable with how the preseason is working. He's getting a lot of work out here, he's played a long time and he's real comfortable, I think, in what were asking him to do. I've discussed it carefully with Jeff and Joey Galloway and some of the veterans who have been around and done this a lot longer than I have.

On if Chris Simms will play Saturday

I'm not going to say that. He's going to be a game-time decision and we'll do our best to get him in there. We're anxious to see where he is.

On seeing another 3-4 front in Miami

Well, these guys are a little bit different, now. When [Jason] Taylor and [Joey] Porter play together they're going to be really unique. I don't know that either one is going to play, I don't know that either isn't. But they're a different breed because of their style. The front might look the same but there are different variables within it. New England does a great job in their interpretation of it, and Miami's got a whole new ballgame under Dom Capers. It's going to help our offense, I think, get ready for some of the odd fronts were going to see in the regular season, but it involves careful preparation.

On Dan Buenning's progress

Good. He's coming along good. He had a step forward, a step forward, not a bounding step, but a step forward in the last game. He's coming off a serious injury and he struggled at times in training camp, but he is showing progress. It's visible, you can see it. I think he's getting more and more comfortable in his physical status.

On Anthony Davis making a transition to guard

Well, you know him, he's a bad interview, so he probably won't tell you himself. He's played left tackle, he's played left guard — that's hard to do in this league. I don't care what anybody says, not a lot of guys do that, move from left tackle to left guard in the course of a game, let alone a practice. But he's made strides at guard, and he's also worked hard at tackle. Donald Penn is emerging and has helped us look at Anthony at left guard, and we're excited with the versatility that Anthony's showing. He's gotten better, yet he has a long way to go.

On what his concern level is with Sears

I'm not concerned about anything until I get information. These situations happen a lot on the practice field, and sometimes the information is good and sometimes it's not. When I learn something, I'll be sure to let you know.

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