Jon Gruden Transcript: Aug. 23

Here is the transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's press conference after practice on Aug. 23, courtesy of the Buccaneers

On if Jeremiah Trotter was one of the players working out on the far field

"Yeah it is. Jeremiah Trotter and Al Singleton, a former Buc – we're working them out, yes."

On what Singleton or Trotter could add to the team

"I don't know, that's why we're working them out. I can't comment on anything other than we're going to work them out and see for ourselves. Obviously they've had a long history in the NFL and an impressive one at that. But I don't want to speculate. We're just going to go to work here and see how they're doing."

On if the Bucs are looking to augment the LB position or just looking at quality available players

"They are quality players that are available and we're going to look at them. That's all I can really say. These are good players that we know a lot about, and we're looking forward to watching this workout."

On if the team has gotten bigger during the offseason

"We're going to have to play better, whether we're bigger or smaller, young or old. We've got to play better, we've got to coach better and we've got to have everybody with our program that can play and make plays. Again, this is just speculation here. We're going to work these guys out and we're eager to see how it goes."

On Phillip Buchanon seeing some practice time and if he would play on Saturday

"He might. Again, he's got an issue that he is recovering from. If he's well enough to go, he'll go. If he's not, then the trainers will keep him out of the game."

On Tanard Jackson's status

"He's a question mark right now but we don't play until Saturday night."

On going against a strong Miami defense

"Well, New England's not bad. They're very good and I think they've backed that up for a long time. And Jacksonville's one of the more complete defenses in football also. This will be another great test for us. You always look forward to playing against the best defenses, the best teams in football. It's a great challenge."

On if he might change the quarterback rotation after Jeff Garcia

"We don't want anybody to know right now. We have a plan and we'll stick to our plan. We're just going to try to look at all three guys and maybe get Chris [Simms] in the football game. That remains to be seen."

On Arron Sears' status

"He's okay. He's not going to play, I don't think, in the game. He's recovering from an ankle sprain and we're looking forward to his return."

On if he has decided who will start at center

"Yes. John Wade will start at center."

On the center/QB exchange in practice

"We had one quarterback-center exchange [problem]. When you're having four different centers and three different quarterbacks, sometimes that's part of the game. That's a part of the game we want to eliminate, and that's what we're trying to do."

On John Wade fighting off other possible center starters

"We're going to make that determination after the preseason is over. John has had his moments. Again, we've got a couple more games to evaluate the whole picture."

On if the evaluations are different in the third preseason game

"Yeah. You get a chance to see your players, particularly new players. John Wade knows our calls. He knows the verbiage up front. Some of the other centers might not have that experience. And when you see a team like Miami who's a lot different than Jacksonville structurally, you obviously get a whole set of different circumstances. When you're a cornerback and you're covering a smaller, quick receiver and then you're covering a big power guy you have a chance to evaluate them against different types of people in different schemes. You've got to keep all those things in perspective before you jump the gun and make a decision this early."

On what comes to his mind when he thinks of the Dolphins

"When I think of the Dolphins I think of Don Shula and I think of 17-0. It's got a great tradition. Obviously, you think of the defense that they have had for the last I-don't- know-how-long, with Dave Wannstedt and all those guys down there. They have the great Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. They're tremendous players. They're great on defense. Cam Cameron comes in there to juice up the offense. He's clearly a great coach and they've got some firepower now and a veteran quarterback to rely on. I'm sure the Dolphin fans are excited. They've added Ted Ginn Jr. who, no matter what people, is fast as hell. Chris Chambers is one of the best receivers in the AFC, so they do have some talent. Ronnie Brown's a guy we've got a lot of respect for, and I think [Lorenzo] Booker is a real skilled back also. So they've got some talent."

On if he thinks Trent Green can succeed in Miami

"Yeah, I think Trent Green's a great quarterback. You don't throw for 4,000 yards every year for the last six or seven seasons by accident. He's a precision, pinpoint passer; he works the pocket well; he has a great feel for defenses; and he's a great competitor, tough guy."

On if he has seen Hard Knocks on HBO

"No, I don't watch that one. I try not to do that. That's not for me. I'm sure the fans love it, I guess."

On HBO possibly asking the Bucs to go on Hard Knocks next year

"We've had our chances to be involved in that. I have a hard enough time getting through a practice, let alone filming. That's not for me."

On the center/QB exchange again

"Yeah, we had one bad exchange. It's been pretty good. We have been excellent really, honestly, throughout the camp. We haven't had any problems. We did have some the other night. You just try to wash your hands of that and move on. We don't expect to have any more problems."

On Barrett Ruud

"He's doing great. He's really doing well. He's a guy that's been waiting in the wings behind one of our best players and he's learned a lot – not only how to play the game but how to prepare for the games in the regular season. He's fast and he's instinctive, he's going to be tough as hell for us. He's asserting himself in his own way as a leader, which is something he's got to do."

On if Ruud has a good grasp on the defense

"Yes, very good."

On looking at other LBs in tryouts not being a message to Ruud

"No. Barrett's our Mike linebacker. Once again, we have some injuries and we want to get better. We want to win, we want to get better and if there are players out there who can help us do that, we'll do that."

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