Press Pass — Maurice Stovall

"Press Pass" takes you inside the Buccaneers' locker room every week. Today, we talk to wide receiver Maurice Stovall. What is the newest part of his post-practice training regimen? Is he concerned about his fumble last week? Find out in this edition of "Press Pass."

MP: You've always been one to put in a lot of work after practice. That's a pretty interesting drill you just finished. Have you always done that?

MS: Well, I just started doing the ladders today. But as far as after-practice things, I've always done drills, caught balls after practice since I was in high school. I'm just trying to make myself better, working on things that I thought I had to work on better in practice or in the game. Just trying to better my skills as a receiver.

MP: Entering camp there was a starting job to be won. How much different is that, from your perspective, than last year, when you were just kind of learning about the NFL?

MS: I think my first year I was trying to compete for a starting job, just like I am this year. Even though my first year, I didn't know a lot as far as the offense — it was all new to me. I was expected to have troubles coming in as a rookie in the mental areas, as far as knowing the plays, just trying to stay focused because everything is new to you. But the second year I feel like I'm more prepared mentally, more confident in being a receiver in all the spots, and not just one position. I just feel more comfortable with the plays, and more confident when I'm out there playing, more so than just thinking.

MP: How much did the fumble in last Saturday's game hurt you in being named a starter?

MS: I'm not really concerned with that. A fumble is a fundamental error that shouldn't happen, whether you're a starter or an eighth-string or 12th-string receiver, no matter what position you're in. We work on fundamentals, like ball handling, every day before practice. It's an error that shouldn't have happened, but it did, and I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I know I'm better than that and I keep working hard.

MP: Where do you think you stand in the pecking order now with David Boston's emergence, and Michael (Clayton) there too?

MS: I don't know. I don't really think about it. I just come out here every day and get ready for practice and get ready for the next game — watch film, work on things before and after practice. We talk to each other and help each other out with routes and what to do, releases on what we see in different coverages. But as far as worrying about where I stand on the depth chart, (and) if I fumble again is that going to hurt me? I don't really focus on those things. You can't beat yourself up about them. It would be the same way if you caught a touchdown or 100 balls in one game. Put it behind you and focus on the next week.

MP: One of the things that (Jon) Gruden talked about was that you came out really strong at the start of camp and then leveled off a little bit. Now, he says, you're starting to pick it back up. Was that just hitting a physical wall and having to work your way through it?

MS: I don't really have a reason or an excuse for it. It could be a physical thing. (The) body might be tired. (It could have been) wear and tear on your body during camp. You just have to keep fighting, come out every day and make yourself better and put it on film.

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