Press Pass: Derrick Brooks

"Press Pass" takes you inside the Tampa Bay locker room after games and after practice this season. Here's a look at what linebacker Derrick Brooks had to say after Saturday's preseason victory over Miami:

On how the preseason games are going

It's a growing experience. You make a big play, you have to go out there and do it again. We have a short week this week, and then we have our final dress rehearsal, and we want to get a win to give us momentum when we go out to Seattle.

On the early success of the defense on Saturday

We had early success; we're going to celebrate that because that's what we're looking for. Now we have to take the next step, and learn from tonight, that when we make a big play on defense, or score, we know we have to tone ourselves down and get ready and go back out there. I give them credit on the way they played, on their drives, and keeping the game alive, but there are also some things we didn't do either to keep the drive going. We got to take this as a growing experience as we get ready for our last preseason game against the Texans, and ready for Seattle and the regular season.

On improving with practice

The daily practices are important. We can't do what we might have done in the past and overlooked them, as a veteran football team. We have a good mix of young guys now, so we can't afford to look past anything, and we have to make daily improvements.

On what he liked about tonight's game

We won on the road.

About sloppy defense

It's about improvement, and you make corrections. Tonight we started fast, but we weren't able to maintain our momentum on the second drive of the game. We gave up some long drives to them, and we don't want to do that. Hopefully, all that will improve next week against the Texans.

About the "Boise State play"

Well, I was out there and I saw it, I just couldn't make the tackle. You got to give them credit for things they did, but even prior to that play we did some things to hurt them. I'm glad they hit us with it now. Another team won't be able to surprise us with it, and we'll be prepared.

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