Press Pass: Carnell Williams

"Press Pass" takes you inside the Tampa Bay locker room after games and after practice this season. Here's a look at what running back Carnell Williams had to say after Saturday's preseason victory over Miami:

It must have felt good to break loose?

It did, it did. You know, the O-Line did a great job of giving me a look. I saw the crack and I hit it. It felt good to get to the second level and make a few guys miss.

I know it's the preseason, but on some of those runs out there you were bouncing off of guys and looking like you were running with a purpose. Did you have a mission once you started breaking free to send a statement that Cadillac is back?

I mean, to be honest with you. I'm just ready to fight. As a team we had a disappointing season (in 2006). Me, personally, I had a disappointing season. I'm coming out again and I'm ready to fight. I'm definitely eager to play every Sunday.

I know the night started off dubiously, a minus-5 carry. They (Miami) swarmed to you and they were all over you. After that first carry, you broke that 12-yard gain up the gut. Did that kind of get you going?

No doubt (it did). The first look Miami just got it. They came up to the ball and did some good things. That second run got off the ball, they gave me a crack and I hit it.

How important is it for a running back to break off that big chunk right away and get into a rhythm?

It is important, but at the same time I feel like whether it's a 1-yard or a 2-yard run, or a 20-yard run, I'm always feeling like I'm close to scoring. I'm sure every running back feels that way, but that's how I feel.

Did you need these couple of runs here to breathe a little bit easier now?

Yeah, I did. You know, I haven't had the chance to get into the open field and make guys miss (this preseason). It was just good to get that and do a little something.

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