Press Pass: Davin Joseph

"Press Pass" takes you inside the Tampa Bay locker room after games and after practice this season. Offensive lineman Davin Joseph talked about Cadillac Williams, Jeff Garcia and the team's readiness for the regular-season opener after Saturday's preseason victory over Miami:

MP: It seems like they kept the interior with the guards and the center together longer, while the tackles came out early (Jeremy Trueblood and Luke Petitgout). Does it matter if those guys aren't getting the same amount of reps as the inside guys?

DJ: We want those guys in the game, of course, especially game one (against Seattle). Right now we're working with a mixture of guys, so it seems like the guys that are playing the majority of the time right now are learning to get a feel for the offense. So we're putting them in a lot of different places.

MP: Jon Gruden said the game plan tonight was to come out and throw and throw often. It seemed like there were a lot of three and four wide receiver sets in that half?

DJ: Yeah, we did that, but then toward the end (of the game) we ran the ball a lot. So that was the pace of the game. We were able to control the clock in the second half and put together some really good drives. Our passing game looked good tonight.

MP: Is this more about working on specific elements of your game for the whole team tonight?

DJ: You know, it's different stages. There are things that we're trying to work on — being on the road, trying to get a win on the road — those are the most important things.

MP: How's Jeff Garcia coming around?

DJ: Really well. The guy makes some great plays. He can take a play that looks like it's going to lose yardage and turn it into a big gain. The guy is really good with momentum, keeping the pace and keeping us on the field, so I like that a lot.

MP: How close is this team to being ready for the regular season?

DJ: We're pretty close. We're only — what — two weeks away? Less than two weeks away, really. So we're revved up right now. I think we'll have a real good feel going into this last week (against Houston) of the preseason, and then before you know it, it's the real thing. So, it's a good feeling right now.

MP: Cadillac's two big runs, it seemed like you guys got a really good push there up the field.

DJ: Shoot, man, I don't like it when that guy get's out of the game. But we did good with the few chances that we did have (together). Cadillac (Williams) is getting a rhythm. He's becoming more explosive. That's hard to say because the guy is already pretty doggone explosive. But he's learning the offense better, just like everybody. It seems like we're developing more as an offense, understanding everything better. The coaches are doing a better job, we're doing a better job executing and we're able to get bigger runs, like 10 or 12-yard runs instead of 2 or 3-yard runs. I think that's the difference. Right now, looking back at last preseason and this preseason, we're having better gains on our runs.

MP: I know that's frustrating, not just for him but for you too, when he just gets two or three yards a pop when you really want to get about five or six yards a pop.

DJ: Exactly. We seem to be getting over that right now. We're getting good runs. Hopefully that will turn into some big breaks, like 40 and 50 yards runs. Right now, compared to last preseason, we're a lot better.

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