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Wednesday, Aug. 29

Is Jeremy hurt?

Answer? I guess.

Trueblood missed practice on Tuesday. Why? Jon Gruden finally told the media that Trueblood had a lower foot problem.

On Monday, Gruden told the media that Trueblood had a "symptom of a problem" and was held out.

What does that mean? No, seriously, I'm asking you — what does that mean?

Trueblood left after the first series of Saturday's win over Miami. Here's a chain of events you should take into account. On the last play of that drive, quarterback Jeff Garcia took a hit — a pretty big one — that led to some bleeding on his hand. The rush came from Trueblood's side. The next possession, Donald Penn was in at right tackle.

After the game, Gruden said Trueblood was hurt. Trueblood was asked if he was hurt, and he said no. Gruden stuck to that story on Monday, but never specified the injury.

Tampa Bay tackle Jeremy Trueblood. (AP)
So there's no correlation at all between Garcia being hit and Trueblood leaving the game? But yet no one knows why he's hurt until a full three days after? Hmm…

Trueblood has not had a particularly good preseason, admittedly. Perhaps that missed assignment was the last straw.

But can anyone see Penn as the starting right tackle on opening day? Nope.

The fact is minor injuries to second-tier starters don't need to turn into sagas. But that's exactly what the Bucs keep doing, which leads to rampant speculation in the public — which is a good and bad thing for the Bucs.

He'll miss Thursday's game, but should be ready for the opener. Maybe this is much ado about nothing. But it bears monitoring as the regular season approaches.

The Bucs Buzz

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Hit today for the latest edition of "film session." That's where I break down the best and worst plays of last week's game.

If you're a loyal reader of "Press Pass," you know that we had an interview with Maurice Stovall last week. The Tampa Tribune updates Stovall's situation, taking into account the possibility that the Bucs will use a committee approach at wide receiver.

He's quite, he's polite. He's the Carnell Williams of defense. He's first-round pick Gaines Adams, and as the St. Pete Times reports, his personality changes once he steps on the field. Please keep in mind that five of the last six years the Bucs have ranked 24th or worse in running the football. Then, think about those season-ending record. Get it?

Speaking of Williams, Bradenton Herald writer Roger Mooney talked to him after the game Saturday, and to running backs coach Art Valero. Now in his third season, Williams is becoming more vocal in the locker room around his teammates, something Valero sees as a very good thing.

The Bucs are not available to the media today. I'll be monitoring if there are any personnel moves during the day. MP

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