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Saturday, Sept. 1

Musing as the cuts loom

We're about two hours away from the Buccaneers announcing their roster cuts to get down to the 53-man roster. The rumors are already flying.

A blog entry at the St. Petersburg Times has the Bucs keeping quarterback Chris Simms — at least for now. The blog entry speculates that Simms may be traded.

I feel the need to reiterate my position. I believe the Bucs will cut Simms, though I don't believe they should, given the fact that he has more experience than any of the backups on the roster. I think keeping Simms has value, but I'm not sure I can see a scenario where they keep him. To do so would sacrifice depth at another position, likely on defense.

Two former Bucs are still out there in defensive end Simeon Rice and wide receiver Keenan McCardell. The Texans released the wide receiver yesterday. Given how both exited the team — on acrimonious terms with management — I can't see them coming back unless the Bucs are willing to pay, and they probably won't be — at least for those two players.

If you're been here before, you know that I put together my own 53-man roster on Friday. If you didn't see it, here's a link to the premium piece.

I admit — this is my first time at predicting a 53-man roster, and there's a degree of difficulty in selecting one, since there's going to be about 22 unemployed Bucs in about two hours. GMs around the NFL agonize over these decisions because they're all good football players. Plus, there's the practice squad. That's the eight-man practice team the 32 teams will put together in the next 48 hours.

It's almost as if you're dealing with a free agent again. Say the Bucs choose to release rookie back Kenneth Darby. He'd be a wonderful candidate for the Bucs' practice squad. But here's the problem. Once they release Darby, he's free to sign with anyone in the NFL. So the Bucs have to court him for a second time this season.

By the way, a practice squad player makes about $5,000 a week during the season. That's not too bad when there's no pressure to play.

I'm at One Buc awaiting the cuts. Check in this evening for who is cut and who is kept.

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