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In this edition of "Postscripts," we're still waiting for the Jeremiah Trotter signing to become official, while a former Bucs signed a new deal with Denver. Plus, we have links to the best Bucs stories on the Web.

Tuesday, Sept. 4

Jeremiah, Day 2

This is one of those stories I liken to, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

As of 9:45 a.m. Tuesday, there is no official word from the Buccaneers that Jeremiah Trotter has signed the one-year deal that everyone reported he would yesterday. We all know he's in town, since the NBC affiliate had video. Everyone has written about it (or blogged about it, as was my case, as I was unable to get the central figures in this on the phone). But it's going to happen, and once it does the Buccaneers will have a solid, veteran with four Pro Bowls to his credit to back up Barrett Ruud.

That's not a bad insurance policy for a player that, while good, has yet to prove he can be a consistent starter.

That's why I like Trotter — he's proven. Those are also the guys that Jon Gruden likes. Proven. He's gotten the job done in two different defenses. Granted, this Tampa 2 isn't exactly the best fit for him. He's not a coverage linebacker, just a run-stuffer. But as insurance goes at this time of year, he's the best you're going to get.

The other shoe should drop on this today. I don't see the team dragging this out much longer, unless for some reason negotiations break down.

Sim signs

Simeon Rice is now a Denver Bronco, having signed a one-year deal with Denver on Monday. It's reported to be worth about $2.5 million, about the amount the Bucs wanted him to shave from his 2007 contract.

This is actually good news for the Buccaneers. One of the other teams Rice reportedly was considering was St. Louis, which plays the Bucs in Week 3 of this season.

It's hard to imagine Rice not having a monster game against his former teammates and the organization that he perceives gave up on him. That will be a very interesting press conference in Denver later this week, probably on Wednesday.

It will be fun to hear what he has to say. Sim's unusual speaking style and loquaciousness sometimes overshadowed his ability. But you know what? He was going to be a beast for someone this year, unfortunately it won't be for Tampa Bay. Given the situation right now, the Bucs could really use him at right end.

What's ahead this week

The weekly newsletter will be out tonight, but just to give you an idea of what will be on the site now that we're in the regular season:

Film Session will be up every Tuesday, breaking down the best and worst plays from the previous game. I hope to have Houston up sometime today. It's been a weird couple of days with team workouts on Sunday and Monday.

Behind Enemy Lines is our exclusive series at, where we answer questions from reporters for other teams. I'll be trading questions with's Doug Farrar for articles on Wednesday and Thursday. We'll also do a podcast on Thursday.

We're also working on features on a couple of Bucs that have stumbled into key roles this year. Look for those features later this week.

And we're beefing up our archives. If you've seen our redesign, you know there's a rolling scroll underneath our lead story. There you can find links to our Jon Gruden transcript archive, which is every press conference the coach has given since Training Camp; and the Press Pass archive, featuring every Q&A we've had with Bucs players in the last two weeks. We have other archives coming to better serve you and I'll update you on those in the coming days and weeks.

Bucs stories on the web

The Bucs have made other acquisitions, including wide receiver Taye Biddle, who may play a role on special teams once he's learned the playbook. This guy has plenty of speed. I think the Bucs want him to become their full-time returner, eventually.

Over at the Tampa Tribune, Roy Cummings tracked down linebacker Jeremiah Trotter at the airport on Monday for this interview as the linebacker came into town to — sign his contract.

Over at the St. Petersburg times, Simeon Rice is still making news, as the former Buc is now a signed, sealed and delivered Denver Bronco. And Stephen F. Holder caught up with Paris Warren, who is looking forward to beginning his injury rehab soon.

Meanwhile, Orlando Sentinel reporter Chris Harry wrote about Jeff Garcia, who will be Tampa Bay's eighth starting quarterback during Jon Gruden's tenure and Garcia's fifth team in five years. Garcia also acted as a sort-of recruiter for former teammates Jeremiah Trotter, who naturally is close to being a Buc.

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