Press Pass: Derrick Brooks

In this edition of "Press Pass," linebacker Derrick Brooks talks about opening the season against the Seattle Seahawks:

In this edition of "Press Pass," linebacker Derrick Brooks talks about opening the season against the Seattle Seahawks:

On the first game week

It's exciting. It's not a broken record, it's reality to me. Today is Wednesday and let's go out there and take care of Wednesday's preparation for Seattle. Whatever [way] coaches have the practice set up, let's be where we are at today, and then we will take on tomorrow when it comes. Today is today; let's concentrate on the details for Wednesday. Start building that foundation up and giving us a chance to win on Sunday.

On what stands out in Seattle's offense

Really they are efficient. Whether it's the passing game, the running game, whatever it is, they are very efficient. They don't have a lot of plays where they lose yards. Again, it's a very efficient offense; I would say it's one to deal with. I think the focus more or less needs to be on us as a defense and our execution. Now you give them the advantage because they do a lot of things well. We have to really keep our focus on our execution, on what we call and make sure we play that particular defense the best we can and eliminate our mistakes.

On the defense starting strong and his expectations

My expectation is very simple, and that's prepare today to help us win on Sunday. I'm not into making any bold predictions, that's not who I am. We don't want to put any more pressure on ourselves than we need to. We are going to treat the Seattle game as what it is, the first game of the regular season. Sixteen teams are going to start 1-0, and 16 teams are going to be 0-1. Obviously, we want to start fast, because getting a win in this type of environment gives you momentum. I'm always reminded after week one that we won a Super Bowl by losing the first game. So it really has no indication on how the season will go, but we definitely want to start fast and get a win against a very good Seattle team at their place. That can really do a lot for our team in terms of confidence.

On the addition of LB Jeremiah Trotter

Jeremiah right now, is just trying to learn our terminology. I feel that my job is to try to help him be as strong as I can with our terminology. How he fits in, that is yet to be determined.

On what stands out about Jeremiah's ability and how he plays the game

I am just a fan of the physical play that he has been able to display throughout his career, and again the leadership, you can really tell he had a very prominent leadership role at middle linebacker.

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