Press Pass: Chris Hovan

In this edition of "Press Pass," defensive tackle Chris Hovan talks about preparing for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday:

On mentally preparing for opening day and the long road trip

It's going to be a tough environment. Seattle is one of the loudest stadiums in the league, so it's going to be a great challenge, but we need to start somewhere. We get to go and play a great NFC team, and we are just ready to get last year off our minds, and start off this year. So we can't wait to get to Seattle and play a game right now.

On expectations for the upcoming season

The main expectation is always to win a championship. If you're not striving for that goal, to win a championship, you're in the wrong business. There is only one goal in mind and that is to get the Lombardi trophy back here at One Buc.

On what LB Jeremiah Trotter brings to the team

I think Jeremiah brings experience from all the years he was with Philadelphia, his stint with Washington and back in Philly. I think his best years were in Philly. He's a guy who's put it on tape, a Pro Bowler and a guy who's going to bring veteran leadership to our locker room.

On Seattle's offense

(left tackle) Walter Jones; they have a good young player in Chris Spencer for their center; Sean Locklear over at right tackle; Rob Sims and Chris Gray, they're a formidable unit. I think they've been around each other, and I know Walter and Chris have. It's going to be another good offensive line. We're going to have to go against (one of the best) among the many offensive lines we'll go against this year. We're going to get ready for the task at hand and just bring the aggressiveness to Seattle.

On getting ready for a West Coast game

You just have to get your mind and your body ready for the time change. You have to go out there with the same mentality that you have when you play at home in Tampa. We have to be aggressive on D. We have to go out there and set the new line of scrimmage with our offensive line and defensive line and just go out there and play Buc ball. We just have to take our show on the road in Seattle. That's all we have to do. Whatever we do in Tampa we've got to do in Seattle.

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