Jon Gruden Transcript: Sept. 6

Here is Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's post-practice press conference for Thursday, Sept. 6:

On the enormous Buccaneer flag raised by the facility

It's the biggest flag I've ever seen, and it just goes with the facility. Everything that the Glazers do is going to be the best in the world. They're going to be on the cutting edge. When it comes to facilities, when it comes to flags, it's going to be first-class. That's an awesome sight there.

On if he has been pleased with practice so far

Yeah. Any time you start the regular season normally you've got seven or eight new players, maybe practice squad players or some veterans you acquire late, and you've got to get everybody on the same page and acclimated to how we practice. We don't like to waste time here. It's a very hot place to practice. I am pleased with the tempo and I'm pleased with the execution for the most part, as well.

On winning the 2005 opener at Minnesota

That's our goal. Our goal is to start fast. The win in Minnesota, I think they were highly-touted at the time, and we started three rookies in that game on offense, did some good things as a football team and got a rousing victory. I think it was a big reason behind the big 4-0 start, I believe it was. We want to get momentum going. We did win our last road game. We do have a one-game winning streak on the road. Last year's over. We weren't a very good football team last year. We've got a lot of new characters, new faces, and we've got a new objective right now. That's what were eager to get going on.

On the David Boston situation

I don't have any comment. I don't have any information on that. Once we get information we'll move on accordingly. We'll see for ourselves exactly what is going on with this case and well react.

On Jerramy Stevens

We've been in contact with him and his status is still going on. Once again, we hope to have a speedy trial, and hopefully the judicial process runs the course and we can move on with life. Until it does, Jerramy will not be here.

On if there is any question about Arron Sears starting at left guard

I don't think there's any question. He's really looked good on the practice field and he's going to be a fine football player. I don't think there's any question about that.

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