Bucs chat wrap — Sept. 12

I hosted a chat with Bucsblitz.com users on Wednesday night, and the topics ranged from possible replacements for head coach Jon Gruden to how Brian Kelly's injury could affect the defense. Stop by for my next chat with users at 10 p.m. EST Sunday after the Bucs' game with New Orleans.

ThePewterPirate: Have you heard if (Carnell) Williams is starting this Sunday?

Matthew Postins: Williams is questionable right now. He told us today that he's feeling much better than he did on Monday, but there's still some soreness. The hardest part, apparently, is breathing. He said he still cannot do so deeply. It looks like it's a game-time decision at this point.

TPP: What do you think the NFLPA will do about (David) Boston? Is there anything they can do?

MP: I think he'll be suspended eventually under the NFL's personal conduct policy. It's just a matter of whether it will be now or when he decides to make another comeback. But I don't see this sliding by just because he was released. The Bucs are done with him, though. There's no chance he's coming back now.

TPP: Are we drafting a WR or a RB with our first pick next draft? I'm thinking that we have to.

MP: Plenty of different variables involved there. I think, for sure, if it's a high pick they go offense because there are several good RBs and WRs in this draft. If Gruden is still here, don't rule out a quarterback either, possibly Brian Brohm or Colt Brennan. If Gruden is not here, it depends on who they bring in.

TPP: I was gonna say that. Marty probably.

MP: Schottenheimer? Interesting choice...

TPP: Great offensive mind. It's not like we'd lure Cowher here.

MP: Raleigh's a short plane ride to Tampa, and the Glazers have a private plane. He'd be a better choice, in my opinion.

TPP: I don't think he'd do it.

MP: If you hire Schottenheimer you get his kid, Kurt, as offensive coordinator (he's with the Jets now). I guarantee you that. The Chargers wouldn't let him hire his son. I don't think Cowher will be out of coaching that long.

TPP: Me either, I was guessing he would be the HC in either (Ari)Zona or Cleveland.

MP: Cleveland is more likely. I don't think (Romeo) Crennel lasts the year. Whisenhunt is going to be in Zona for a while.

TPP: How do we stack up against the Saints this weekend? They have a soft defense, one that has to be more yielding that Seattle's.

MP: That defense is better than it showed last week. The big problem they had was an inability to pressure Peyton Manning. That Colts line is pretty tight. I think the Saints D-Line might fare better against the Bucs. The Bucs O-Line gave up five sacks and about 14 pressures last week vs. Seattle. That has to change.

TPP: (Patrick) Kearney has always had ok days against us, though.

MP: True. The Saints have two good pass rushers on the outside in Will Smith and Charles Grant and you won't shut them out forever.

TPP: What's with Davin Joseph? Was it too loud in Seattle, or is he twitchy?

MP: Talked to him today and I'll have a story up later. He said it was just one of those days. He's actually had days like that in college. That crack back call was bogus. He didn't hit anyone on that play. He seems to be the type of player that would bounce back from a day like that.

TPP: I hope so, we need a solid O-line. As for his penalty, even the commentators said it was a phantom call.

MP: I found it surprising that Gruden said Jeremy Trueblood was the highest-grading lineman on Saturday. He's just not someone I've been that impressed with so far.

TPP: I have a hard time accepting what Gruden says about the o-line. I've heard that this was the year too often.

MP: This offensive line is so young that I don't think it can be expected to be much more than average this year. Even most scouts admit Luke Petitgout is only an adequate blocker, and he's an upgrade over Anthony Davis from last year. It makes you wonder how they're evaluating these guys in the scouting room. They could have had (San Diego's) Marcus McNeill last year and passed.

TPP: Is Bill Muir still the (offensive) line coach?

MP: Yep. I wasn't sure if he would be back this year, though. Aaron Kromer assists him. I haven't been real impressed with the linemen they've developed so far. That goes along with the whole team. They don't seem to be that good at developing the talent they've drafted. Think about it and you'll realize that.

TPP: Yeah. That's always been Tampa's downfall. Players always leave here and succeed somewhere else. It's annoying. I almost stopped watching football when (Trent) Dilfer won a SB (Super Bowl) with the Ravens. That was too much for me.

MP: I had a friend that threw away all his Oilers stuff after the Bills comeback game up at Rich Stadium. It was too much for him to take. He's became a Packers fan after that.

TPP: I remember that game. I sat there in awe. What are the odds of us beating New Orleans?

MP: It's all about whether the Bucs can score some points. They haven't shown in the past 8-10 games that they can do so consistently. The Saints can score points, but the Bucs can't put pressure on them if they can't cash in on those chances they missed out on last week in Seattle. They need TDs not field goals.

TPP: This is gonna be a long season. There are only so many years that we can have growing pains.

MP: Saints 27, Bucs 10. I'm not predicting the Bucs will score more than 20 points in a game until I see it.

TPP: Good call.

MP: The growing pains are going to continue for a while, especially on defense.

TPP: Seven field goals is a stretch. Is (Brian) Kelly playing Sunday?

MP: I don't think it's likely. Kelly's questionable and the groin isn't torn, but I think he gets the weekend off. That's a blow because (Phillip) Buchanon moves to his position and the nickel corner is either Sammy Davis or Kalvin Pearson, and that's a dropoff right there. (It's the) same situation as last year.

TPP: (Drew) Brees is gonna throw all over them.

MP: I'd say that's likely. I don't think the Saints are going to be limited to the underneath stuff two weeks in a row.

TPP: We could always move Sab(by Piscitelli) to safety and let TJ (Tanard Jackson) fill in for Kelly if we had to.

MP: Asked Raheem Morris about that. He said TJ is an option, but he doesn't want to overload him as a rookie. He wants him to learn safety. Piscitelli doesn't appear to be an option at free safety right now.

TPP: I can't think of anything else. Is there anything to be on the lookout for?

MP: Watch the pass rush for the Bucs. They need to get more pressure from everywhere on Brees. The Colts proved if you can put pressure on Brees you can force him into mistakes. Plus Gruden talked a little about Maurice Stovall today. They'll probably play him a little more on Sunday, so keep an eye out for him, too.

TPP: I don't see that happening (the pressure) with our front four. We are gonna have to blitz them.

MP: Probably so. And the blitz takes the Bucs right out of what they want to do defensively.

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