Press Pass: Tanard Jackson

In this edition of "Press Pass," safety Tanard Jackson talks about his first regular-season game, missing his shot at Shaun Alexander whether he might play some nickel corner this weekend.

Q: Talk about your first game. Was the speed any different than the preseason?

A: Yeah, it was a little different. Coming into this game I was told that there was different levels of play. You've got the preseason, you've got the regular season and it was definitely a different speed out there.

Q: There was a play in the second quarter where you had a chance to tackle Shaun Alexander. Can you break that play down, because it seemed the Seahawks did a great job of disguising it?

A: Actually it was a mistackle. I saw the play. I knew what it was. Shaun got the ball in the hole, cut it back in my gap and it was bad technique. I tried to hit him low and he side-stepped me.

Q: What did you learn out of that game? What do you need to improve?

A: I learned a lot. The main thing is to slow myself down and to just try and make the play when the opportunity comes.

Q: I know Brian's (Kelly) situation is uncertain right now. Have they talked to you at all about playing some nickel corner this weekend?

A: As of right now, no. Right now I'm still focusing on safety. They've brought guys back to replace BK. But as of right now, no.

Q: But you played some nickel corner in preseason?

A: Right.

Q: How about Drew Brees? He can sling it.

A: Yeah, I've been watching film on Brees since the start of this week. He likes to take his shots downfield, and as a secondary we have to stand up to that challenge and try to make plays on the ball.

Q: You look at Marques Colston, Devery Henderson, Terrance Copper, those guys they like to get downfield. What are your thoughts on what they can do?

A: Just that they're big play guys. They try to beat you and go up for the ball in the air. As a secondary we try to keep everything in front of us and make plays on the ball. It's the same thing we've been doing.

Q: Is it almost the thought that we'll give up the five-yard pass route but not the deep ball?

A: That's the thought. We don't like to give up anything. But we'd rather them be shorter gains.

Q: After looking at the tape, what did you take from the Seattle game?

A: Just the experience, the whole experience. I went out there as a starter, in the opening game, on the road, with a hostile crowd. That's valuable game experience that's needed. You learn through experience and I think I'll learn more as the game goes on.

Q: And this will be your first home game this weekend.

A: It should be exciting. It's against a division opponent and a quality opponent. You can't ask for more.

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