Press Pass: Joey Galloway

Here is wide receiver Joey Galloway's press conference after Tampa Bay's 31-14 victory over New Orleans. Galloway talks about the game and his huge performance.

On his success against the New Orleans Saints

It's really not me. They gave us some opportunities and Jeff [Garcia] made the plays today. He made great throws and when we see certain looks offensively, and we always say, take what they give us, and they gave us a chance to get on their safeties a few times, and Jeff made a nice throw.

On his multiple chances

I think offensively when your defense gives you the ball back in really good field position, it changes the mindset of the offense and it also changes the mindset of the defense. The third time we stayed on the ball, which makes them then scramble around and call their defense on the run and Jeff [Garcia] made a nice throw and we made a big play.

On the offense feeding off the defense

Anytime our defense goes out and plays the way they did today, anytime we get the ball back on the 40 or 50-yard line, it makes it a lot easier and it makes it more fun to play offense when it happens. Really, the game they played today, if they're going to play that kind of defense, if that's the way they're going to be, then we can win a lot of games here.

On if he saw anything from the Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints game film

I don't know that you look at an offensive tape from another team and say that's encouraging. I think you see some things and you try to fit it into your offense. We always feel like if we can get a free release and get a good run at a safety, regardless of who it is, we feel like we can find some success versus defenses. I think everyone came in talking about [CB Jason David] and I think he had a bad game versus the Colts and I think people took that as that's the kind of guy he was, and I don't believe that. Everyone's a professional and it was different. I think he played a different game today, and we beat some other guys. We found some success in other places.

On the production of the offense

It makes it fun. It's good to do it at home, it's good to do it against a team like the Saints. They're a very good football team, everyone knew that coming in. I don't think anyone really gave us a chance to win this game except ourselves, to go out and get a big win this early in our season, we have to build on that. We didn't play our best game, but we played a good one.

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