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October 6 - Read what the Bucs players and head coach Jon Gruden had to say about their 20-6 win against the Falcons from their locker room in Atlanta.

Bucs WR Keenan McCardell on the wide receivers being heavily involved in the offense against the Falcons:
"We're starting to make our plays when our numbers are called. Brad (Johnson) is looking for everybody. That's the way it's supposed to be in this offense – when you get your number called, you make a play."

McCardell on the offense improving each week:
"Each week we're getting better and that's what I've been stressing all year. If we get better each week as we go down the line, it's going to help us out when we get into a stretch run. I think that's what we've been doing."

McCardell on the offense showing more of a vertical game:
"Last week it was me and this week it was Keyshawn (Johnson) on a long one. Everybody said we weren't getting the ball up top, but we're going up top now. We have to pick and choose our times to go up top. We're going up top now and we're fine."

McCardell on the Bucs winning their first division game of the season:
"It's big. Any game you can steal on the road is big in the NFL. I don't care if it's divisional or non-divisional. But it's even bigger when it's a division game."

Bucs DT Warren Sapp on Tampa Bay's 20-6 win over Atlanta:
"It's a great thing we have going. Our offense is scoring when we need them to score. Our special teams is covering great returners and giving us everything we need to get done. Our defense is relentless right now and we're getting wins."

Sapp on his interception and lateral to LB Derrick Brooks for a touchdown:
"There was a lineman that grabbed me and when he did that I knew I couldn't score. Then I heard (Derrick) Brooks telling me to pitch it to him so I looked back and pitched it to him."

Sapp on Brooks having three touchdowns this season:
"He's got 2 and ½. Half of that one is mine. I'm going to give it to him. I know how it is. We've been together 12 years. It's just one of those things where I got the pick and I pitched it to him and he took it to the house."

Sapp on beating Atlanta, who is an opponent inside the NFC South Division:
"Right now we're 3-0 on the road. We hadn't won a road game in October since Carolina in 1995. That kind of stuck with us on Wednesday when we were talking with (Gruden) and he let us have that. I was on that team when we won that road game and I couldn't believe we hadn't won a road game since then. It was real important for us to come out and get this one"

Bucs WR Keyshawn Johnson on his 76-yard touchdown score in the third quarter:
"It was actually an adjustment. It was something else we called in the huddle, but if they gave us a certain coverage then I could turn it into a fly pattern. We had been working on it all year long. We got the coverage that we wanted and Brad (Johnson) did what he's always tried to do and that's put the ball in a place where I can try and catch it."

Johnson on the offense's progression thus far:
"We're doing some things that we can just keep trying to continue to get better at each week and I think we'll be fine."

Tampa Bay QB Brad Johnson on the team's 20-6 win over Atlanta:
"It's a huge win for us. It's our third road win this year. They were coming off of a bye week and they had a good chance to zoom in on us. But it was rocky for us there at times, but we hung in there and played the game accordingly and came up with some big plays when we had to."

Brad Johnson on connecting with his wide receivers 13 times on Sunday:
"They were phenomenal. Anytime you can get mismatches on those guys they're going to dominate. I wish we had taken a few more shots at different times, but obviously Keyshawn had the big play. He also caught a couple of drag routes and really moved the chains for us. Keenan (McCardell) made some big plays in the fourth quarter when we went to an empty set. They came up big for us today."

Brad Johnson on what the offense did to adjust at halftime when the game was tied, 3-3:
"The biggest thing was in the first quarter we didn't really have the ball. They won the coin toss and I had the fumble on the second play of the game for us. They had the onside kick after they scored the field goal. So we weren't really on the field in the first quarter. We were actually moving the ball really well in the second quarter. We had 150 yards of offense in one quarter. We just didn't get any points. The game was really rocky at times, but we just kept our poise. They came off a bye week and they were fresh. For us, it was a road win in October, which was the first time it had been done since '95. It was really big for this organization."

Brad Johnson on the offense's struggle on the Astroturf inside The Georgia Dome:
"Actually the turf was slick on the middle of the field. A lot of guys didn't really have the right type of shoes. It felt like it was soapy out there. I think a lot of guys really struggled to kind of get into the rhythm of the game."

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on Tampa Bay's win in Atlanta:
"We hung in there. We had a couple of good drives in the first half. We've just got to finish them off a little better. But we hung in there and beat a very good, athletic Atlanta Falcon team today."

Gruden on facing Atlanta after they came off of a bye week:
"You're always concerned about facing Dan Reeves and Wade Phillips. Those are two guys that have coached a lot of football. They threw us for some changeups early and we knew they would. But I thought our teams hung in there. Keyshawn Johnson delivered a big blow late in the game. Warren Sapp knocked em' out with that great sack, interception and lateral. That was a great way to end it."

Gruden on the play of Tampa Bay's defense:
"I told these guys during training camp that there ought to be an investigation. We were going up against them everyday and we should have an investigation. I think they're playing with 12 guys. They have an unbelievable thing going right now in terms of confidence. They're all athletic and they can all run. They all push each other. What they've done in the first five weeks of the season is an eye-opener. But at the same time, we're going to raise the bar for them and continue to increase our standards because this group is capable of doing some great things."

Gruden on the Bucs being 3-0 on the road this season:
"Hey, being 3-0 on the road is a great way to start the season. And to win a road game in October, we're giving every employee and player that has been here since '95 game balls. It's been a hard thing for us to do and this is a great start to this quarter."

Gruden on SS John Lynch's injury:
"He's got an MCL strain. That's what we're going to call it. He was not able to finish the game, but anytime he shows up on the injury report we're concerned. We'll remain optimistic until I get further information."

Gruden on Bucs wide receivers Keyshawn Johnson and Keenan McCardell:
"Those are two good players. And I think Jurevicius delivered a big catch early in the first half. Those are good players. They give us legitimate threats on both sides of the field and hopefully we'll continue to keep finding a way to get this running game going to where it's acceptable to Tampa Bay Buccaneer standards. We've made some strides, but we still have a ways to go there."

Gruden on next Sunday's game against Cleveland at Raymond James Stadium:
"I can't wait to see our fans. We're starting to get a little more comfortable playing at Raymond James Stadium. I hope it's loud, I hope it's hot and I hope we can find a way to play our best football in front of them."

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