Press Pass: Jermaine Phillips

In this edition of "Press Pass," Buccaneers safety Jermaine Phillips talks about the difference between David Carr and Jake Delhomme, the abilities of Steve Smith and DeShaun Foster and the Bucs-Panthers rivalry in this premium feature.

On the game against Carolina

It's going to be a big game. We know they're going to bring their A-game, and we're going to bring ours. May the best man win.

On what pops into his head when he hears "Carolina Panthers"

You think of the big plays by Steve Smith. You think of the defense. You think of Julius Peppers. They did some things in the past that have hurt us, with the extra point being blocked at the end of regulation a couple of years ago. And then you had the return in overtime that Steve Smith had. So it's rivalry, man.

On the matchup gains intensity because the Bucs have struggled when playing the Panthers

It doesn't matter; the past is the past. This is a new year, and right now we're both at the top of our division. So what more can you ask for?

On if WR Steve Smith has been the big difference in past games against the Panthers

I'm not going to say it's just Steve Smith, but when you look at it offensively, he's the one who's hurt us.

On facing either Jake Delhomme or David Carr at quarterback Sunday

They're two different types of quarterbacks. Carr – he has a little bit more speed on him. They're going to probably get him out of the box and let him throw. But with Delhomme, he's the type of quarterback who's going to let his players make plays.

On his mindset

Each week is different. You can't think about that. That's gone. Now it's the new week, new challenges, new focuses and we're looking forward to going out there and having fun this Sunday.

On the rest of Carolina's offense, particularly RB DeShaun Foster

He's a good running back. They've got a good changeup with DeAngelo Williams. They're number six in the NFL in rushing right now, if I'm not mistaken. So they're doing something right. It's going to be a good challenge for us to stop the run.

On preparing for two quarterbacks

We don't worry about it. We control our own destiny. We feel like it's about us; it's not about them. If we go out there and play ball the way we are supposed to play it, everything is going to fall where it should. It's not about Delhomme or Carr. We think it's about us and being on our keys.

On if he takes notes on the two quarterback's differences in styles

Kind of, but you don't really look at that. You just look at what they've been doing as a team because one quarterback is not going to change what they've been doing all year. There is a difference in the two, but we're not going to prepare any differently."

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