BucsBlitz.com chat wrap — Sept. 27

Every Wednesday at 10 p.m., I am available to answer questions about the team. Want to participate in the next chat? Come to the Bucsblitz.com Chat Room at 10 p.m. Sunday to chat post-game about the Bucs-Panthers game. Here is the transcript from Wednesday's chat.

Riverbiatch : If I can say before everyone else gets here, I have been looking at the Panthers' message boards and they aren't saying too much about heir team.

Matthew Postins: (I) haven't been on the Panthers boards yet. They're an odd team right now, in that they're 2-1 and they're not playing all that well. Their defense is not what it has been in the past, at least not yet. Very little pass rush and their secondary is giving up a lot of yards.

RB: Yeah they were say the OL needs a lot of work and they may be missing (Jake) Delhomme

Matthew Postins: I have a feeling Delhomme won't play on Sunday. We actually spoke to David Carr today via the conference call, which indicates to me that Delhomme might not play. As for the offensive line, it's actually playing well in my opinion, especially run blocking. They've made both DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams look pretty good so far.

RB: What about their second QB?

Matthew Postins: (David) Carr just finished a five-year stint with Houston, where he didn't play terribly well but it wasn't all his fault. The Texans were never able to surround him with the right parts, especially up front. If I were the Panthers, I would be concerned with whether he can cultivate a chemistry with Steve Smith in less than a week. The Panthers just got back their top center, Jeremy Bridges, from a two-game suspension and I think that really helped the Panthers last weekend.

RB: They (Panthers fans) keep saying our defense is crazy. Old material.

Matthew Postins: Tampa Bay's defense is actually playing a bit better than Carolina's right now, in my opinion. Especially against the pass. The secondary is playing very well.

RB: (Do) you think the Panthers-Falcons game was pretty even?

Matthew Postins: Yeah, I think the Panthers and Falcons matched up pretty evenly, at least last weekend.

RB: How do you think our defense will work against their QB, if it's Carr?

Matthew Postins: I think the best thing the Bucs defense can do this weekend is apply as much pressure as possible to David Carr, if he is the starter. Carr will make mistakes if a defense can apply pressure on him. Problem is for Tampa Bay, that Carolina offensive line is much better than Houston's.

RB: Who else may be out this week for both teams?

Matthew Postins: The Bucs may have everyone back. Patrick Chukwurah practiced fully today and he was the only player that missed last week due to injury. For the Panthers, they may not have LB Dan Morgan who suffered about three injuries during the Falcons game. There are a few more with nagging injuries that probably won't keep them out.

RB: Then Caddy (Carnell Williams) will be back?

Matthew Postins: Caddy will start. He said today and he just re-aggravated the ribs a bit on that awkward fall in the third quarter. They're just a little sore. His benching on Sunday, I think, was more about the fumble than the ribs.

RB: What do you think will happen to Michael Clayton?

Matthew Postins: I'm not sure. I've been thoroughly unimpressed with his play the first three games. I don't think he'll be cut, but after his fumble on Sunday I'm not sure if he can rebuilt that trust with the head coach anytime soon. He's had plenty of chances and he just hasn't gotten it done enough. I was talking to a scout that was shocked Clayton isn't playing better. Said he was one of the most talented receivers he ever scouted coming out of college.

RB: He just isn't showing it. He's had a couple of good blocks, though.

Matthew Postins: He made that one great block against New Orleans. It's great that he's a good blocker, but he needs to be catching passes. What do you do with a first-round pick that isn't performing? You cut him, trade him or hang onto him until his contract is done. He might just need a chance of scenery. I could see a team giving the Bucs a low pick for Clayton, maybe a fifth or a sixth, banking that the change of scenery would do him good. Kind of like what the Bucs thought about Ryan Sims, the defensive tackle they traded for with Kansas City in April. But Sims never really got it done, either. Sims has been inactive each of the first three games.

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