Jon Gruden Transcript — Sept. 27

Here is the complete transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's post-practice press conference on Thursday, Sept. 27:

on injured players

Ike Hilliard and [Greg] Spires were limited and [Patrick] Chukwurah and [Brian] Kelly were full-go today.

on if Joey Galloway and Luke Petitgout returned to practice


on if the team knows what to expect from Chukwurah this week

Yeah, we have a pretty good idea of what he's going to do. We'll just see how it all sorts itself out."

on Trueblood already having faced a lot of good pass-rushers

It's not like he's playing chopped liver. Leonard Little's a heck of a player, and the Charles Grants of the world. [Trueblood] hasn't had a day off yet. Julius is outstanding and I know he hasn't had a sack, but he's batted down balls, been in the way a lot and he's playing with great effort."

on if he likes what he sees from Trueblood

Yes I do. I'm really pleased with Jeremy and I think he's progressing quite well.

on the styles of Carolina running backs DeShaun Foster and DeAngelo Williams

They're both different. DeShaun played great last week. DeAngelo is very quick, has a low center of gravity and is really a very good slashing back. Foster's got breakaway, game-changing speed. They're using them both and they're committed to running the ball. Coach [Jeff] Davidson's doing a good job.

on how much the Panthers' rushing attack has changed with Davidson's zone-blocking schemes

There are still a lot of similarities and some of the principles you've seen under Dan Henning. Coach Davidson obviously put his own twist on matters. In the running game, certainly there are some twists and turns there. Now with David Carr, if he potentially plays, you have to watch out for the perimeter bootlegs and things of that nature. Yeah, it is a different blocking scheme but there are also some similarities in structure that we see.

on Steve Smith getting 100 yards in each of the last four games against the Bucs

We're going to try to look at this year as a different opportunity. What can I say, we're not the only people who have been bitten by the snake out there. He's unbelievable, man. Sometimes we've had him covered. We've got the right coverage called, we've had the right people in position and he's still come out of that hole and made a play. Sometimes great players do that to you. But we have him on our radar screen. We're keeping a close eye on Steve. Even though we're not in Carolina yet, we know where he is. We're watching him carefully.

on Smith getting free on a punt return against the Bucs, too

He's just a game-changing player. He's a bona fide, blue-chip superstar-slash-wide receiver/football player. He's great.

on what makes Smith great

He runs great routes, he's extremely fast, he has unbelievable stamina. He can run all the routes – he can run the inside stuff, the outside stuff, he can go in motion. He's a best after the catch, durable – he's got it all, man. He's a natural.

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