BucsBlitz.com chat wrap — Oct. 3

Every Wednesday and Sunday I chat with Bucsblitz.com users at 10 p.m. in the chat room. Want to talk about the Bucs? There's never been a better time. Plus, chats are free to all users. In this chat wrap from Wednesday, I talk with ThePewterPirate about the upcoming game.

ThePewterPirate: So, we lost (Luke) Petitgout and Caddy (Carnell Williams) for the year, in the same game ... talk about bad luck.

Matthew Postins: It doesn't get much worse, losing your starting left tackle and starting back in the same game. Can't say I've seen that before.

ThePewterPirate: Are we trading for anyone. I've read two things where we are, with Minny (Minnesota) and someone else.

Matthew Postins: Of course, the Colts has about 10 players miss practice today, so they have their own problems.

ThePewterPirate: Probabaly no (Marvin) Harrison or (Joseph) Addai.

Matthew Postins: The (Bryant) McKinnie-(Chester) Taylor rumor was pretty far fetched. I talked to the Trib (Tampa Tribune) guy who blogged it and even he was skeptical. I think the (Mewelde) Moore thing happened as it was reported. The price may go up if the Bucs fail to run the ball well this weekend.

ThePewterPirate: Good for us, but they (Indianapolis) have a bye week after us, and it's not like we share a conf(erence) or a division with them. They can afford to drop a game.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs could take advantage of this rash of injuries and steal one this weekend. But even without Marvin and Joseph, that offense is pretty darn good. Dallas Clark is really starting to get hot.

ThePewterPirate: I know. I watched his rack up fantasy points against me.

Matthew Postins: An offense with (Peyton) Manning, (Reggie) Wayne, Clark and (Anthony) Gonzalez is still pretty dangerous. It could be one dimensional, though.

ThePewterPirate: I think we have the people in place to hassle Manning. We've held (Torry) Holt, (Steve) Smith and (Isaac) Bruce in back to back weeks.

Matthew Postins: The secondary is playing awfully well right now. No Harrison means less to worry about. But they still have to get pressure on Manning and that's a tall order with that offensive line, even without (the retired) Tarik Glenn.

ThePewterPirate: Did you hear that Ruud was named defensive player of the month?

Matthew Postins: Yes. It's well deserved. I think he's quickly made a reputation for himself in this league as an up-and-coming middle linebacker. Even (Tony) Dungy is impressed. He talked about him today during the conference call. Likes his speed and (his) ability to cover.

ThePewterPirate: He should ... we run a defense that he could run there.

Matthew Postins: I think they've lost Rob Morris, though. Heard he had surgery today on his knee and is out for the season. He was listed as a non-practicing player on the injury report. But that defense is pretty dangerous. They've forced as many turnovers as the Bucs so far this year. What do you think about the Bucs offense against that defense?

ThePewterPirate: I think we have a legit shot against any team in the league.

Matthew Postins: I think Donald Penn could be a liability his first few weeks as a starter in pass protection. He's Garcia's blindside protector and there's no way to know how he'll play on Sunday. Bill Muir was working with him after practice today.

ThePewterPirate: We are no longer one dimensional. We can pass, we can run, and we had close 200 rushing yards in each of the last two games

Matthew Postins: As long as the running game remains productive, I think this team can be in every game. Garcia isn't going to make many mistakes. I would feel better about their chances if a receiver other than (Joey) Galloway or (Ike) Hilliard stepped up on a consistent basis, too.

ThePewterPirate: Hilliard came up big when he needed too. That's the thing. Our players are all contributing when they can. Galloway didn't have a big game when we played the Rams or Carolina. We can spread the ball around, which is good because we can't be shut down by losing one specific player.

Matthew Postins: True, but there will be a week sooner or later when both Galloway and Hilliard are limited by the defense and Garcia will need another target. My money is on Alex smith in those situations. And Galloway was basically a decoy last week. That won't happen against Indy. I see them going deep early. The formula works for now, until someone figures out a way to stop it.

ThePewterPirate: I like Alex Smith, I think he can become a weapon for us if we were to use him more.

Matthew Postins: I like Smith too. I just don't think he gets enough looks. Part of that is the defense, obviously. But they've faced teams that have had problems defending the middle the last two weeks and they haven't used him enough, in my opinion. The middle is TE territory.

ThePewterPirate: Williams (Ricky) would distrupt that. There isn't a chance we are gonna get him, is there?

Matthew Postins: I haven't heard. I think it would be an absolute mistake to sign him. It would disrupt (team) chemistry, create a distraction this team doesn't need. He has four strikes against him and he's not nearly as committed to football as the Bucs like in their players. There's no reward there, even for the veteran minimum. And the Bucs would have to trade for him, since he's still under contract (in Miami).

ThePewterPirate: That would be a bonehead move.

Matthew Postins: Especially in the wake of the David Boston thing.

ThePewterPirate: Yeah, I posted that exact same thing in one of those threads. He wasn't even a known habitual user either as Williams is.

Matthew Postins: I do think they could use a third back, though. Just for insurance. But not Williams.

ThePewterPirate: What about (Kenneth) Darby or (Lionel) Grant?

Matthew Postins: Darby was signed to the regular roster today, so he's the third string guy, but he's not going to see any playing time. Gates I don't think is an option.

Matthew Postins: I could see them signing a Trotter-like back as insurance. I think that's what they wanted to do with Corey Dillon but Dillon reportedly said no.

ThePewterPirate: He (Gates) was ok, raw, but ok. Hmm ... It's not like he (Dillon) has many people beating down his door.

Matthew Postins: Raw isn't going to help them now. They need a back with a little more seasoning to back Pittman and Graham up. I'm not sure why Dillon didn't want to come. He may still fancy himself a feature back and he isn't anymore. Could have wanted too much money, too.

ThePewterPirate: He is in the downswing of his career.

Matthew Postins: It may well be over.

ThePewterPirate: Over-30 backs are a money pit.

Matthew Postins: Seattle is beginning to find that out with Shaun Alexander.

ThePewterPirate: Is the talk with Minny legit? For their RB?

Matthew Postins: I think the Moore talk is legit, yes. That's a doable deal, if the Bucs were willing to part with a first-day pick as I've heard it. I don't think the Bucs think that highly of Moore.

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