Press Pass: Chris Hovan

In this edition of "Press Pass," Buccaneers defensive tackle Chris Hovan talks about Peyton Manning, the Buccaneers secondary and the important of getting a good pass rush against Indianapolis this week.

On the Colts offense

You have to keep scratching. Hopefully you get your opportunity, when you get that one-on-one, and you get that opportunity to beat that man to get Peyton Manning. We are going to come close a lot of times during the game. I already know this because he is a very rhythmic passer. We are going to have to keep going and keep putting the heat on him and hopefully coming home with some sacks and some pressures.

On the play of the defense

I think we are playing sound defense right now. We are doing some great things; we are hustling to the ball [and] we're hitting. That has always been the base of this Buccaneers defense. Hopefully we can take this aggressive approach up to Indy and take it to the Colts.

On whether he gets more pumped up for a game such as this, against one of the game's best quarterbacks and the defending Super Bowl champions

I'd be lying if I said I didn't This is every kid's dream, to go up against the best. Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne. (They're the) standard in the NFL, the best. So I want to find out how good we are, and find that out we have to go against the best and try to beat the best. So we're very excited and we're going to prepare very hard and we can't wait to get to Indy this Sunday. I really do (wish it was Sunday right now). I've got a little soreness, but that could all be wiped out if we played today.

On whether the stretch of victories the Bucs have put together is a good situation to be in going into a game such as this

Any game this is the way you want to go into it. We want to play strong. This has been the standard set by this organization for 10-12 years, the strong defensive play. Tony Dungy, the great coach that was down here, took the Tampa 2 defense up there and they're running it very efficiently. We have to go up there and outplay them.

On whether Manning's quick release puts more pressure on a defensive lineman to get more pressure on Manning

When you play a Peyton Manning or a Brett Favre, it's going to be a rhythmic type of passing game. They don't want to get hit and they don't want t get sacked. But what we have to do as a defensive line is keep scratching and keep digging and get those rushers. We don't want our coordinator (Monte Kiffin) to have to start sending blitzes because we're not getting a rush. So the onus is on the front four this week. Whoever is in there has to get there.

On the impressive play by the secondary

They have done a great job. From a defensive line standpoint, they have given us a chance to put second moves on. That is critical in this league, when a defensive lineman is given a chance to put his second counter move on to get to the quarterback. I can't say enough about our defensive secondary and what they have done this year.

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