Bucsblitz.com chat wrap — Oct. 7

Every Wednesday and Sunday I chat with Bucsblitz.com users about the Buccaneers. Stop by at 10 p.m. EST to talk about the Bucs with fans around the country. Here's an excerpt from Sunday's postgame chat between myself and ThePewterPirate after Sunday's loss to Indianapolis.

ThePewterPirate: What a disappointment that was.

Matthew Postins: I certainly expected a closer game. The Colts run defense really came to play, even without Bob Sanders.

ThePewterPirate: I really expected more from our D(efense).

Matthew Postins: The Bucs didn't get a sack on (Peyton) Manning. That offensive line is just solid all the way around. Manning had way too much time all day long. That's the day you miss a guy like Simeon Rice.

ThePewterPirate: Yeah, it was. He was shredding us apart. He had enough time back there to mail the ball to his WRs.

Matthew Postins: That's the Colts. They've been doing it that way for years.

ThePewterPirate: You can always chalk it up to "They are the defending SB champs", but still... I expected a bit more.

Matthew Postins: I was quite impressed with (Colts receiver) Anthony Gonzalez. He did a great job in the slot. And you can chalk it up to that, but you have to wonder what the Bucs will do with their run game after that.

Matthew Postins: I don't know how severe (Michael) Pittman's injury is, but if it's more than a couple of weeks the Bucs have to consider getting some help. They had three backs in last week for tryouts. The best of the three was Zach Crockett. ESPN mentioned Priest Holmes in passing before the game, and of course there's Mewelde Moore, whom the Bucs don't seem to be willing to give up a first-day pick for.

ThePewterPirate: Moore could be worth it. I hate giving up draft picks though.

Matthew Postins: He's a solid runner who can catch passes out of the backfield. Good speed and size. Fumbling is a concern, I've heard. And if Pittman's out, it's a seller's market, which means the price went up for the Bucs.

ThePewterPirate: Our last two skill positions in the draft (Michael Clayton and Carnell Williams) didn't work out so well. Maybe we should consider trading them for something of value, haha.

Matthew Postins: I knew they would miss Caddy's explosiveness. I just didn't expect it to be that much of a dropoff.

ThePewterPirate: It was horrible today.

Matthew Postins: Don't laugh. Clayton may be a player they move if they have to get someone.

ThePewterPirate: I'll pack his bags for him.

Matthew Postins: If there's a bright spot it was Jeff Garcia. If not for that drop by (Joey) Galloway late in the second quarter, he might have gotten the Bucs downfield and into position for a field goal. They had some momentum there after the TD and the Colts' failure to score on the next drive. Garcia has five games with no picks. It took Gradkowski to throw the Bucs first interception of the season. Without Garcia that could have been a 49-0 game. It would have been like last year around this time.

ThePewterPirate: That's a good point. Silver lining kinda thing, I guess

Matthew Postins: It just underscores the steadiness that Garcia brings to the offense. It's a big reason the Bucs will contend for the division title this year. He just doesn't make the mistakes of his predecessors. Today would have been the day to force something and he never did.

ThePewterPirate: Carolina won today (Sunday) too, didn't they?

Matthew Postins: Yes. Last-second FG by Kasay. Technically, they're tied, but the Bucs are ahead based on last week's win. Saints are 0-5. Falcons are 1-4. Bucs won the first meeting. That's all that matters in a tiebreaker head to head.

ThePewterPirate: Another bright spot. That and everyone has lost a division game except for us.

Matthew Postins: (Jon) Gruden said he didn't think the team would lose any confidence after this loss. That's the big challenge this week against Tennessee. The Titans didn't look great today against Atlanta. Vince Young will make mistakes and the Falcons limited their ground game to under 100 yards. This is a big stretch for Tampa Bay. Win three of these games and they're in great shape going into the bye.

ThePewterPirate: Even if Pittman is healthy, he had 5 runs for a -1 yard, I think we need to look for another back anyways.

Matthew Postins: I think this game may have exposed that flaw. Now understand — the Colts run defense played out of its head today. But Kenneth Darby was a heartbeat away from playing time and I don't think he's ready for that.

ThePewterPirate: Not a chance. I foresee fumbles.

Matthew Postins: Darby would be a huge risk in that regard.

ThePewterPirate: Yeah.

Matthew Postins: The Bucs will have to make some sort of move soon because the trade deadline is in two weeks.

ThePewterPirate: TJ (Tanard Jackson) looked ok.

ThePewterPirate: Gruden will find the oldest one and sign him

Matthew Postins: That was one heck of a hit on (Dallas) Clark. I thought it was helmet to helmet until I saw the replay. That hit and his pick changed the momentum of that game briefly. Two terrific plays. He seems to be settling in with his role as a starter now.

ThePewterPirate: I wan to nitpick and our defense for letting Manning play like that, but he IS a HoFer.

Matthew Postins: You have to get a pass rush on him. If you can't, you're pretty much going to lose. While the Bucs are at it they should explore a trade for a DE, too.

ThePewterPirate: I was thinking that earlier. I wonder if we can call Rice. He's still unemployed I think.

Matthew Postins: That bridge is burned, my friend. And I'm not sure he's played yet this year. Denver signed him before the season.

ThePewterPirate: Ahh, and their defense isn't doing too much better.

Matthew Postins: Especially today against San Diego.

ThePewterPirate: Actually, our only defensive problem is the lack of pressure from our d-line.

Matthew Postins: At this point I would agree with that assessment. The LBs and DBs are playing very well. The CBs were just left on their own because there was no pass rush.

ThePewterPirate: Gonzales is a 1st round pick, one I wanted us to pick up in the 2nd round if he would have made it. Manning is Manning, you can't give them forever back there and hope for good things. It's insane.

Matthew Postins: I wonder what happens the day Manning gets hurt. That's going to be a weird looking team when that happens.

ThePewterPirate: He could have filmed another DirecTV commercial in the time he had after snapping the ball.

Matthew Postins: Jim Sorgi running the no huddle? That's the best job in football. Peyton Manning's backup.

ThePewterPirate: I've said that the Colts are lucky as hell, he has taken big hits, but him and (Brett) Favre seem to be made of stone. From what I've heard, Sorgi is a decent QB in his own right, but you'd never know.

Matthew Postins: Those two's physical makeup is just sensational. Great genes. Sorgi has looked all right in the few times I've seen him play.

ThePewterPirate: Both on their way to Canton (Favre and Manning).

Matthew Postins: No doubt. Only question is when -- and how many records Manning will have by then.

Matthew Postins: What do you think we'll see out of the Bucs against Tennessee?

ThePewterPirate: If we can generate some pass rush I think it will be an easy outing. If not then we will have to grind it out. But I don't really think that they have what it needs to beat us. At least not yet. QB issues.

Matthew Postins: The Titans run defense looked great on Sunday against Atlanta. Albert Haynesworth is going to be difficult to block. If the Bucs can, I think they'll be able to run the ball. They'll need to protect well, too. The Titans are a lot better than people suspect.

ThePewterPirate: Their RB is containable.

Matthew Postins: But Vince Young can be lured into making turnovers. He made three on Sunday and the Bucs are great at taking advantage of young quarterbacks.

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