Press Pass: Derrick Brooks

In this edition of "Press Pass," Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks talks about feeding off the team's youthful energy, stopping Vince Young and the addition of fellow Florida State alum Zack Crockett.

On if the team is feeding off a youthful energy

Again, that's a part of winning and the excitement. A lot of our young guys are playing and I agree with you – they are bringing a certain energy level to the field. It's going to be needed. Whether it's them or us veteran players, we're going to have to have a lot of that. Right now, they get in there and they're having fun playing, especially on defense. It's good to see.

On struggling against Tennessee in the past

History doesn't matter come Sunday. As we said before when we faced Carolina, when they've beaten us whatever number out of whatever number, that doesn't matter. When we line up on Sunday what has happened previously won't matter one bit.

On the game plan for stopping Vince Young

Man, if I knew that or if anyone else knew that, we'd be sharing it. More importantly than that, we've just got to play our defense. I think that's what kind of hurt us a little bit last week. We didn't hit the field or play as comfortably as we should in our own execution. In facing Vince Young and this Tennessee offense, we've got to be confident in our own execution rather than going out trying to stop an opponent. If we out-execute them, then stopping them will be part of the process because we've out-executed them.

On Zack Crockett

He got drafted with me out of Florida State. It's very unique for us to play 13 years and now we're on the same football team. Obviously Coach Gruden was impressed with his history when he played for him in Oakland and what he's been able to accomplish. I just look forward to him stepping in and filling in where he's needed. He's a team guy and I look forward for him to come in and help us win ballgames.

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