Bucsblitz chat wrap — Oct. 14

What were Bucs fans saying after Sunday's win over Tennessee? Find out in this wrap from Sunday night's chat. You can chat with Buccaneers fans Wednesday and Sunday at 10 p.m. EST in the Bucsblitz.com Chat Room.

Matthew Postins Yeah, they (The Buccaneers) pulled one out that the needed to today.

ThePewterPirate (Ronde) Barber had to be annoyed with himself this afternoon.

Matthew Postins It was just one of those things. He made two nice plays and just couldn't hang on to either one of them. It happens.

ThePewterPirate Yeah, to be denied one is pretty bad, but two in the same game?

Matthew Postins It was just humorous because the INT would have allowed him to pass Donnie Abraham for the franchise lead in INTs. We joked that Abraham was paying off the refs.

ThePewterPirate I didn't know Abraham had more than he did.

Matthew Postins They're tied at 31 each. Next one allows Ronde to pass him. Both defenses played very well today. I'm still very impressed with the Titans. They'll give everyone in the AFC problems.

ThePewterPirate I was expecting more from us today. Our running game has dropped off in a big way. The only really nice looking play was the one (Joey) Galloway had for a TD. I can't see because of the camera angles on TV, but are we not getting open downfield or what?

Matthew Postins The Titans have a great run defense. The Bucs knew that so they chose to go to a short passing game (they threw twice as much as they ran). But, I agree. The run game needs to pick it up. But I'm not sure the tools are there. The Titans played a lot of zone, so it was difficult for receivers to get open period. That's why they used a lot of underneath routes today. They knew the deep routes would be covered. That one to Galloway was perfectly timed. The right call, the right coverage and the right pass. If the running game gets going, the deep coverage will open up for the Bucs WRs.

ThePewterPirate (Earnest) Graham has to improve in the catching game too. I think once he calms down he will not drop as many passes as he did. And our O-line is beginning to look like last year's. Hard to believe that this is all from (Luke) Petitgout being out.

Matthew Postins The drops have to stop. He (Graham) had two today. He can be a solid, productive back if the blocking is there. Unfortunately, it really wasn't on a consistent basis. I think we'll find as the season goes on that there's a huge drop from Luke Petitgout to Donald Penn. I think Anthony Davis could be starting at some point.

ThePewterPirate Also, I am beginning to give up hope on seeing (Gaines) Adams get a sack this year.

Matthew Postins He had a sack today. Remember when Vince Young ran into LenDale White and fell behind the line of scrimmage? Adams got credit for that sack.

ThePewterPirate No way...I can't count that...

Matthew Postins I can't either. But statistically, he has his first NFL sack.

ThePewterPirate It's like (Michael) Strahan's sack for the record when (Brett) Favre gave him the easy laydown....it's cheap.

Matthew Postins Yes. Very cheap. But he might have sacked Young on that play, anyway. He had a good line on Young and had him contained.

ThePewterPirate Speaking of injuries....any word on Alex Smith?

Matthew Postins Smith has an ankle injury. We don't know more than that until Monday. This team is reaching the breaking point on injuries.

ThePewterPirate Vince Young is having problems, I think we'd have done better against just him. (Kerry Collins) did better than he (Young) did.

Matthew Postins Kerry Collins had a solid game against Tampa Bay. I love Young. I think he can be a great quarterback but the weapons aren't around him yet. That injury today was pretty freak. When Collins came in, Tennessee's offense changed. So did TB's defense. They played back in coverage to protect their lead and keep Collins from going deep. The Bucs had fewer running lanes to cover with Young out and could concentrate on pass coverage.

ThePewterPirate Young has done nothing for me in the fantasy league...his numbers are terrible. INT's, fumbles... He's like the poor mans Vick

Matthew Postins If he ever gets the weapons around him, he'll come around.

ThePewterPirate If he could've played to all of his hype, we could've been in trouble. The Titans have a solid defense, it's better than nothing.

Matthew Postins I thought Tampa Bay's defense did a fine job of containing him. But the Titans kind of neutered him, too. They committed to running early and often and they didn't put Young on the run that much, and that's what he's best at right now. The Titans defense is a lot better than nothing. The fact that they didn't sack Garcia is a bit of a minor miracle.

ThePewterPirate Yeah, but Garcia had to work for that. He was buying time like a master out there. Side note, I was so glad that he didn't try to get the first on his feet instead of throwing it to (Ike) Hilliard.

Matthew Postins His pocket presence is incredible. He's just not making any mistakes. That has to make Gruden pretty happy after the past few seasons. He hasn't thrown a pick yet.

ThePewterPirate I love it when we have QB's who can think back there.

Matthew Postins Statistically, I think this was his best day. He nearly cleared 300 yards and threw the long TD.

ThePewterPirate It was his most productive day as far as yards go.

Matthew Postins I don't think you can measure what Garcia is doing for this team in yards and touchdowns right now. Without him, this team is going nowhere.

ThePewterPirate Yeah, I really hope that he finishes the year. It's one of my worries.

Matthew Postins He's going to need some better protection. He's taking too many hits for a QB his age.

ThePewterPirate He was almost folded over in the first quarter

Matthew Postins I think every time he runs Gruden probably cringes. I remember that hit. I thought he might not get up from that, too.

ThePewterPirate How's (Chris) Simms doing?

Matthew Postins Not sure. After he was placed on IR on Tuesday, he became absent. I haven't talked to him personally, and I'm not sure any reporters have, either. But Simms is always willing to talk at One Buc, and his absence is, well, noticed. I don't think he's very happy about it.

ThePewterPirate At least he's getting paid.

Matthew Postins Yep. $3 million bonus, guaranteed. That's a lot of money to cut from the roster and get nothing in return.

ThePewterPirate What about (Jake) Plummer?

Matthew Postins No news there, either. Not even on the Bucs' grievance to recover some of his bonus money. I would expect a ruling to come soon. But he's so far off the radar he doesn't even matter in this equation anymore.

ThePewterPirate So, do you think we have the division this year?

Matthew Postins I wouldn't say that just yet. The Panthers won today with (Vinny) Testaverde at quarterback. They're still tied, with the Bucs owning the tiebreaker for the moment. I still think they're the best team in the division. But if they don't get a running game soon, it's going to be close the whole way through.

ThePewterPirate He (Testaverde) is having the savior role assigned to him again.

Matthew Postins It's funny. Testaverde can still pick you apart if you give him enough time. The Bucs could see two of their former quarterbacks this season -- Testaverde and Tim Rattay, who may be the starter in Arizona if Kurt Warner's injury is serious.

ThePewterPirate That's funny.

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