Jon Gruden Transcript — Oct. 18

Here is the complete post-practice transcript of Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden for Thursday, Oct. 18, 2007:

on injured players

The only injury change: Gaines Adams did not practice today. He has a chest strain. Greg Spires returned.

on Detroit QB Jon Kitna

He's a very good player. He's a guy that's been productive in a lot of places and in a lot of different offenses. He's got great anticipation, he's tough as hell, he's a great competitor and he's confident in character. He's a guy that's a handful to deal with. He's experienced, has great touch, great anticipation and he's got a nice group of receivers and backs and tight ends to work with.

on his thoughts on Barrett Ruud

I don't have a lot of thoughts really other than the surprise is over. He's a good player. He just hasn't had a chance to really showcase his stuff. He's been playing behind Shelton Quarles, who had some great years here. He's doing what he's doing. He's a guy that was taken with the fifth or sixth pick of the second round with that in mind. He's clearly cashing in on his opportunities.

on if Derrick Brooks is a mentor to Barrett Ruud

Oh, I don't know. They play different positions. I think Quarles was certainly a big part of Barrett's development, having followed and studied and watched him every day. It's great to have Derrick Brooks here and it was great to have Quarles here. It was great to have Warren Sapp here. It was great to have Doug Williams in the organization. Barrett deserves the credit. He's a talented guy, he's been fortunate to be around some really good linebackers that have helped him measurably, and it's a credit to our team that way.

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