Jon Gruden Transcript — Oct. 19

Here is the complete transcript of Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's post-practice press conference on Friday, Oct. 19:

on injured players

Alex Smith did not practice; he's a question for the game. Gaines Adams was full-go today. We'll say he's questionable but it was a good sign to have him out here. It looks like [Michael] Pittman and [Patrick] Chukwurah will be out of the game on Sunday for sure. We'll update everybody when we get to the stadium, I guess, on those other two guys.

on the size of the Lions' receivers

They have rare size. They're tight end bodies, really. They're 6-5, 6-6 [with] freak athletic ability. These guys are specimens. They'd create matchup problems in the NBA. They create all kinds of problems, as you know. That's why they're top-five picks.

on the Bucs' recent struggles on defensive third downs

We've given up 20 third-down conversions in two games. That's not good enough. We're getting off the field – at least in the last game we kept them out of the end zone except for one time. But we have to create field position. You have to get some three- and-outs. We've got to get off the field, get the offense out there and get good field position. Field position's a big part of winning football.

on if it's a disadvantage to have the latest bye week

I don't know. I don't believe in all that. We've had the bye week earlier in the year. Sometimes it's a blessing to have it in midseason. But we're going to see a team that's had two weeks up on us to get ready. I believe that will be the second time this year that's happened, and that's tough on you. We need a bye. We could use some time to get some guys well. That goes without saying. When you talk about Kelly, Chukwurah, Pittman and some of these guys – Alex Smith – these are guys we're counting on. We've got to just buckle down here, do the best we can and find a way to win.

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