Bucs-Jags postgame locker-room quotes

Here are post-game quotes from several Buccaneers after Sunday's 24-23 loss to Jacksonville. Check back at Bucsblitz.com for head coach Jon Gruden's complete Sunday transcript, plus our "Press Pass" feature with cornerback Ronde Barber's complete post-game comments.


On the big plays made by the offense

We did have a lot of big plays. We have to capitalize on those plays when we are playing a defense such as Jacksonville. If you look at it, we were very successful in running the ball. Earnest Graham did a tremendous job. The offensive line protected well. We had our chances; just again, we fell short in the end. The biggest thing is that we are 4-4. We're .500 and we have a home game next week. So we have to go back to what we do best, run the ball, get at the receivers. Just get back to what we do. I've only been here for just two weeks, however, I see the poise. (The way) we practice together, this is a great team. We just fell short today. Monday is a new day, another week, another home game, and another [conference] opponent. So, hopefully we can bounce back.

On Jacksonville bringing pressure on Garcia

They definitely did. They did towards the third quarter once we got the ball moving a little bit. The offensive line did a great job. We just have a great group of young guys that will be great for a long time. They did bring a lot of pressure and I think we are good enough to pick it up and allow Jeff to put the ball down the field. We just missed out on a few.

On his first touchdown

It definitely was bittersweet. But, it was just good to get involved with the offense; to be able to go out and gain Coach (Jon) Gruden's confidence. I think that the more I do, the more we will be able to mix up some things. However, it definitely was bittersweet.


On WR Matt   Jones' touchdown

I was just playing ball. Matt Jones made a great one hand catch and sometimes that's how it goes.

On if he was pushed to get position

I felt a little push, but like I said, I'm just out here playing, sometimes a call is going to go your way, sometimes it's not.

On if the Jacksonville offense surprised him at all

Personally, we had that feeling that Jacksonville was going to come out and try to run the ball, and they came out and they made some plays on us early on. We rallied back, we just were not able to finish the game the way we wanted to.

On the game

It's a tough, hard game for us because we felt like we had the game, even though Jacksonville is a good team. Things just didn't go our way today and they made some plays and we didn't make enough plays.


On missing opportunities

They were there. We had opportunities today in our stadium to be very successful offensively against one of the best defenses in the league and we didn't convert.

On what contributed to the loss

We just didn't make enough plays. We will go back to work. We will correct our mistakes and get better.

On the loss

It's tough. You always want to defend your home turf. We knew, defensively, they were tough. We knew they were one of the best defenses in the league and to have the offensive opportunities that we had and didn't capitalize on, it's going to be very tough to sleep on it.

On Jacksonville's blitzing

The story is, offensively, we didn't make enough plays. They are a very good defense. They blitz and you have to make them pay when they do, and we didn't do that today.


On how he feels he played

I gave everything I had to give. It was a game that was physical. It was a game that presented some opportunities at times, but we were just a fraction off and that's the sad thing about this game. No matter how hard you play and no matter what you do someone has to come out on the losing end and unfortunately with the way guys battled today it's disappointing not to be able to find a way to win that football game. To be in the position at the end of the game to put a drive together, to give our kicker a chance to win a football game, not being able to get into field goal range is disappointing. We could beat ourselves up about a lot of things today, but we are only halfway through the season and I am not going to allow myself to hang my head and be disappointed because of the outcome of tonight. I feel like this team really fought hard, overcame turnovers, overcame some penalties at times against a good football team and had a chance to win a football game. That's the sad thing is that we didn't win this game, but I think there are a lot of positive things to look at. We have eight games remaining in this season and I know that this team is going to come back this next week, give everything that they have to give, fight, battle and do whatever it takes to turn the season around at this point in this season.

On his interception returned for a touchdown

[Aaron] Glenn is an experienced corner. We got into a position where based upon coverage I checked to an alternate play. He just did a great job of jumping the route. It was a three-step drop, throwing a hitch outside. I turned to throw; he was driving the route and cut in front of Joey [Galloway], makes a great play. Would I like to have that one back? Of course I would. It gave them seven points and created a larger hole for our team to have to find a way to climb out of. He made a great play. That is something that I have been good about during this entire season, not turning the ball over, at least through the air. Tonight, having given them a few, that's disappointing. I can't be discouraged as to how they came about. It's one thing if I am throwing the ball into coverage and I am throwing the ball up for grabs, that wasn't the case tonight. The second interception, I get hit right when I am trying to throw to Joey towards the sideline and it goes directly into the safety's hands. That's just them making a play. The last one, I mean what do you say about that? It's unfortunate, the guy did a great job of knocking the ball out of Ike's [Hilliard] hands I guess and they just made a play. It came at obviously a critical time, but that's just them making plays. I don't feel like I have a problem and it all of a sudden started tonight. They made plays and unfortunately they made good on those situations.

On if wind was a factor in a couple of the incomplete deep throws

I don't think so. I just felt like the ball came so good out of my hand. Obviously, you look back at the situation and you wish you would have given them an opportunity to make a play, maybe not put so much on it, not try to make the perfect throw. I think often times you want to make that perfect throw, you want to hit them in stride so they have a chance to get to the end zone. Just a yard off on both of those throws and both of them I think score and that's disappointing. I appreciate the way guys gave effort tonight and I appreciate the way we attacked downfield. To be able to do that and create opportunities was exciting to see, but we need to capitalize on those opportunities when they present themselves.


On letting the game slip away

Well, in the NFL, a team that's 0-6 could probably say that they let games slip away. It's just the way that the NFL games are played. A team that wins the turnover battle wins. It's really on us to not make the mistakes. Whether we let it slip away, we just had a couple of times where we had a chance to take over. We were up by six and when we have the ball in our hands, we should have taken over. We didn't win the game, we let it slip away, but a lot of it had to do with us.

On having opportunities to make plays

The last two weeks, a couple of things haven't bounced our way. The play with Ike in end, sometimes it's just bad luck and he makes a play that knocks the ball up. Some things didn't bounce our way, a couple of key third downs, and there were a couple of things that we should have done better. Ultimately, we just need to make those plays. We just need to be able to do that.


On having missed opportunities

I'm only focusing on one. I could care less right now about the rest of them. I didn't give my team a chance to possibly win a game, at least to give Matt [Bryant] a chance to swing his leg once.

On Jacksonville's defensive pressure

I think we knew coming in that they did a good job of disguising their intent. We prepared well. Early, we didn't do some things we would have liked to have gotten done, and we made some adjustments and shored up some things that were necessary for us to figure out. We moved the ball pretty well,we just didn't do enough to win.


On the loss

When you don't go out and play as well as you practice all week, and you don't go out and make the plays you need to make in order to win. We knew it was going to be a dogfight, we didn't play as well in certain situations and we didn't get the job done.

On containing the Jaguars offense for most of the game

We knew that they were going to attack us running the ball. We knew that we were going to get a heavy dose of that all game. At times we played well and at times we didn't get the ball back and get our offense another look. We just have to go out there and make sure we're tackling, make sure we're doing the little details and keep flying around and make sure that next week we step our intensity level up, step our game up so we're not falling into a slump.

On WR Matt Jones' touchdown

They made some big plays and that's what it's all about. A football game is going to come down to a few big plays and when you have the opportunity to go out and make some plays, and if you don't, those guys are capable of making the plays as well. Today didn't go our way, but we'll try to bounce back and make sure that we're keeping our head up and keep working.

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