Press Pass: Cato June

In this edition of "Press Pass," Buccaneers linebacker Cato June talks about Sunday's game with Arizona, including the matchup against running back Edgerrin James and the progress of rookie defensive end Gaines Adams:

Cato, with the team 4-4 at the midway point, is this a crucial period for the team?

We can go one way or the other — up or down. I think the character on this team, the people we have in this locker room, we'll turn it around and get on a winning streak and that's what we have to do in November and December to get ready for the playoffs.

What didn't happen on that final drive, before (Jacksonville's) Matt   Jones' touchdown catch. The defense seemed to let a few plays go on that drive. Did they do something?

I think it's less of what they did and more of what we didn't do. When they made some big plays, we didn't. They moved the ball down the field and we missed some tackles, that sort of thing. This is really about what we go out there and do, what we do as a defense, not what the offense is doing.

What can you do to correct something like that? When you look at the film, what do you try and do next week?

Just get it done. Get it done. No excuses, no explanation. There's nothing scheme-wise that need to change. We just need to get the job done.

What's been said about the lack of turnovers, the lack of takeaways, the past two weeks?

It's something separate. We have a goal and the standard has been set. We have to get turnovers no matter what. If they run the football 100 times, we have to get in there and get the football.

Because Ronde (Barber) said on Sunday that it's hard to get takeaways when the opponent is running the ball 14 or 15 times to start the game.

It is, but there was a couple of times the ball was on the ground and we still have to make those plays.

Cato, what's the thing that concerns you the most about Arizona's offense?

It's high-powered. They have great receivers that can move the football and make big catches. They have a great running back in Edgerrin James, in my opinion, that looks refreshed and excited that his offense is getting it going. He's moving the ball and getting yards and they're moving the ball down the field.

What's it like to tackle that guy (James)?

Well that was practice (in Indianapolis) It'll be a different thing when it's game speed. We'll be going full bore against each other. We're not teammates anymore. So it will be fun.

Describe what type of back he is?

I think he's probably the most patient back that I've seen in a long time. He's very patient. He takes what the defense gives him. If he's only going to get three yards, that's what he's going to get. He's not going to do anything stupid to go out there and get extra yards and give away the football. His precision and his cuts are wonderful. And he does a great job of playing with leverage and staying low. Another thing he does well is not allow a defense to get big hits on him. I've watched him in the past and not a lot of defenders get big hits on him.

Cato, Jon (Gruden) said Monday that Gaines Adams would be getting more playing time the second half of this season. How much more does this defense need from him in order to be successful.?

It's not just about Gaines. It's about everybody stepping it up and everybody playing with more intensity, everyone getting more out of their abilities and less about one person. It's more about the team, getting more out of everybody's individual capabilities.

Looking back at your rookie season, when you reached the halfway point did you feel comfortable with everything that was going on?

Not totally. It takes some time. It's a new system for those guys, a new environment, a longer season. It's a lot going on for those guys, those rookies. So it's really up to the veterans to help those guys through and help everybody.

What do you think of how he's played, Gaines, the first half of the season? Do you think he's made progress?

I think so, a lot of progress. Like I said, it's a lot of pressure, especially for him. But really it's just about getting the most out of your ability as a player.

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