Press Pass: Chas Gessner

In this edition of "Press Pass," read Chas Gessner's first meeting with the Tampa media after his signing in Tuesday:

What are your thoughts on being back (Gessner went through training camp with the Buccaneers)?

My thoughts are to try and come in and contribute any way I can. They signed me because, I guess, they have a couple of injury issues. So I just have to come in and contribute any way I can so we can win on Sunday.

Do you get the sense that you can bring a spark like Maurice Stovall did last week?

I hope so. I hope to get some opportunities on special teams, probably, and just see what I can do.

From a distance, watching the last two games it was so disappointing because they were two games that they should have won. How tough is it right now?

It's tough. I haven't been in the locker room, but I am still friends with a lot of these guys and it's been hard on them. A play here, a play there, it goes another way, another outcome. But it goes week to week. We have the Cardinals and we have another chance this Sunday to win a ball game.

It seems like a fresh start, with it being the third quarter of the season?

For me, you know, it's the first half of my season.

How have you been staying in shape?

I've been working out every day, as much as I can. (I've been) trying to run as many routes as possible, try and keep my wind up, stay in shape, stay lifting and stay strong.

Chas, how long of a layoff did you have after the wrist injury?

I think I ended up with a two-week settlement, but it really didn't set me back.

So you were back catching passes pretty fast, then?

As far as training and working out afterward, yeah.

Did you go anywhere afterward, work out for anybody?

I had a workout in New England about week three or week four. I've just been waiting and staying ready.

Chas you have a good perspective on the fact that it's a game of attrition. From the time you left the club to the time you returned, there are a lot of new faces in here, aren't there?

Absolutely. You have to stay ready. You never know what's going to happen. It's hard. It's hard to stay patient. It's hard to stay focused on the fact that there are a lot of ups and downs. It almost seems like it's a ferris wheel, people coming in and people coming out. As far as preparation is concerned, it's the same each week. Prepare to win the game on Sunday.

How much do you think your training camp experience will allow you to adjust to the tweaks they made in the playbook since then?

I hope a lot. I have had experience in those preseason games and I'm confident. I won't be too nervous out there. I'll be ready and I'll be amped up and ready to play. I've had a lot of time to rest and recover. I'll be out there 110 percent.

Chas, how do you think you performed throughout the offseason, OTAs and training camp before you sustained the wrist injury?

I felt good. Obviously the personnel decisions are for the personnel guys. So it wasn't really on me to say whether I did well or not. I just did the best I could, I thought, and did well enough to be a guy that gets called back when some injuries occur.

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