Jon Gruden Transcript — Nov. 1

Here is the complete transcript from Tampa Bay head coach Jon Gruden's post-practice press conference on Thursday, Nov. 1:

on injured players

We have the same injury report as yesterday. We added Ike Hilliard to the list; he was very limited today with a calf strain. Quincy Black also did not practice; he's got a hamstring injury.

on if there were signs of improvement from Alex Smith or Michael Clayton

Not really. Alex Smith is moving around better. I don't see any improvement in Clayton, but today's another day and tomorrow's another one, so we'll update you as we go.

on if Michael Pittman has improved

Again, his status hasn't changed from yesterday.

on if the Bucs would go into a game with just three corners and if they would utilize Kalvin Pearson there

We would do that, yes. Tanard Jackson has some experience playing there. We would find a way to play the game, yes.

on if he's been a part of a season before where he's had to have so many players multi-tasking

No, not really, and it's a great challenge. I'm really proud of our coaches and players, the guys who are out here in those situations trying to get ready to play. It's a challenge indeed, but that's the challenge we have.

on if the team is done tweaking at wide receiver

We haven't stopped tweaking, so we're not going to stop. We'll continue to tweak and bend and twist until we find what we need here. Unfortunately we've lost a lot of guys. But we have Joey Galloway, we have a healthy Maurice Stovall and we hope Ike's ready to go. We'll see what happens.

on if he feels comfortable putting Chas Gessner and Micheal Spurlock on special teams

Yeah, I do. Yes. Sure do.

on if Kurt Warner is still as effective as anyone when he gets time

I think what makes him effective is he doesn't need much time. He does a great job of throwing the ball sidearm, he has a quick release, he stands in the hole as well as most guys that you'll see and he has incredible anticipation. He'll throw the ball long before a guy gets out of his break. That's what he's accustomed to doing. That's what makes him hard to get to. His anticipation, his quick release, his creativity and pocket command are top-notch still.

on Adrian Wilson

He's dangerous, especially in this scheme because it's unorthodox. They'll come out on first down with three down linemen and three linebackers and five DBs, and if you look at Adrian Wilson he looks like a defensive end on the line of scrimmage. You'd better know where number 97 [Calvin Pace] is and where number 24 [Wilson] is at all times. Adrian Wilson, if unaccounted for, he'll ruin your day. He's a great player. He'll hit you like a linebacker and he has coverage ability. He's the whole deal; he's the real deal.

on the importance of the game before the bye week

This isn't Christmas or anything like that. It's another game. Every one counts the same. Before or after the bye are big. Before the bye and falling after the bye, they're big. We need the game. We need a win. That's what we're here working for.

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