Jon Gruden Transcript — Nov. 2

Here is the complete post-practice press conference of Bucs head coach Jon Gruden for Friday, Nov. 2, 2007:

on injured players

We have ruled Greg Spires out of this game with a calf injury. Quincy Black is the one [other] guy today who didn't practice. Everybody else's status is the same.

on if the other injured players will be game-time decisions

Yeah, pretty much. Yes. There will be a lot of game-time decisions. Usually you make your decisions during the game. We have to make a lot of our decisions before the game, before we can make our decisions during the game, or about the game.

on if it keeps him up at night before games to be going with a player who has hardly ever performed a specific job

I'm so tired when I go home, I'm just going to sleep. You just have to be confident. You've got to be confident in your players and we're going to be confident in him to do a good job for us. Every year, there is a player, two players, 10 players that explode onto the scene. We're hoping this is this kid's opportunity, he seizes it and does something with it.

on if young players have to find a way to shove through the fatigue and get re-energized

Yeah. I think the veterans, too – they've got to push through it. Many of these guys are practicing hurt. It's hard to sit in the meeting when you've got an ice bag on your elbow, an ice bag on your ankle. It's hard to concentrate. It's hard to go out and work on Wednesday and Thursday. But that's why very few guys become pro football players, and that's why very few guys are able to remain professional players for long periods of time. It's a tough way to make a living.

on improvement in the Cardinals' offensive line

Yeah, and they've done a nice job getting rid of the ball. [Kurt] Warner's a hard guy to sack, always has been. He gets rid of the ball. He's got a real sense of that free blitzer, the pocket breaking down. Like most savvy NFL experienced quarterbacks, they're hard to get to. He's got a harness on his left elbow. He still has one of the quickest releases I've ever seen, he's still tough as hell and he's got great anticipation. He'll throw the ball long before he sets his feet, and it's gone, and it's there. It's a real credit to him. Very few guys play like he does.

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