Jon Gruden Transcript — Nov. 15

Here is the complete transcript from Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden's post-practice press conference on Thursday, Nov. 15, 2007:

on injured players

The only guy we've declared out of the game is Spires – Greg Spires will not play. We still have a lot of guys that are limited.

on if there are any new injuries

It's as is, as the list says. I'm really tired of talking about the injured guys. I'd rather talk about the guys we know are playing. Those are the guys we're going to count on to win the football game. These limited guys are limited guys, and hopefully we get some guys that can play at some point soon.

on how uncertainty about who will start at quarterback for Atlanta affects the Bucs' preparations

We don't know what they're going to do on defense, either. That's this league. We don't know if [Jerious] Norwood is playing or [Warrick] Dunn or both of them. We'll have to respond. We don't know if they're going to go five-wides or no-wides. We'll have to respect whatever they choose to do and prepare ourselves to react accordingly.

on Atlanta QBs Joey Harrington and Byron Leftwich

I'm impressed with them; I've always been. We liked Harrington coming out of college, we like Leftwich. Both of these guys have had great moments in the league. They're in a new system, just like [Jeff] Garcia is. I've got a lot of respect [for them]. They're tough guys, they're experienced guys, they're leaders and they have pretty good support around them.

on if it seems like Atlanta is coming around on offense

Yeah, they're coming around on offense. Coach [Bobby] Petrino makes sure that happens. He's a great offensive coach. I just can't say enough, either, about their defense. Their defense is a lot different after the bye week. They're capable of shelling you with full blitzes; then when you audible they check to a two-deep zone. They're all over the place and they're very talented.

on Atlanta CB DeAngelo Hall

I think he's great, that's what I think. He's a great player. He's a premier player in the league. And I'm impressed with his working comrade on the other side, the rookie from Arkansas [Chris Houston]. They've got a real good tandem going. Hall is a great player.

on Hall matching up with speedy WR Joey Galloway

We'll see. Hall, he's not afraid of anybody. They have a full-blitz and he's in bump-and-run coverage. It's Steve Smith one week...he takes the best receiver on your team and covers him. Joey's got a great challenge.

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