Bucs Post-Game Quotes

October 20 - Read what the Bucs players had to say about their 20-10 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles from the locker room inside Veterans Stadium.

Bucs Left Tackle Roman Oben on the team's 20-10 loss to Philadelphia :
"No matter what the history was of this game between these two teams, we had a chance to get a win and get it done.

"Everyone shares in a victory or a loss. I can't really evaluate what everyone else did, but we could have all played a lot better."

Oben on the team's offensive woes against the Eagles:
"My hat is off to the Philadelphia Eagles and their defense and their ball club. Coach Gruden said that we didn't play well enough to win in certain categories, like on offense and special teams. But we're still 5-2 and we're still one of the top teams in this league with our record. It's a good wakeup call for us as far as seeing where we really need to be if we want to be the kind of team we say we want to be."

Oben on Tampa Bay's desire to play Philadelphia in the playoffs:
"Hopefully we have a chance to earn the right to play (the Eagles) again in the playoffs. That's our goal from here on out. This game is behind us. We're going to try to correct the mistakes and be 6-2 this time next week."

Tampa Bay MLB Shelton Quarles on his team's dissapointing loss on Sunday:
"We thought we'd play a lot better than we did today and we had some success early, but then they had some success late, so that's kind of what happened to us today."

Quarles on the Bucs' defense allowing Eagles RB Duce Staley to rush for 152 yards on Sunday:
"He's an excellent running back. He proved that last year and he has proved that every time we've played him. He's hard runner and he breaks tackles, and when he breaks tackles, he makes you pay for them. We just have to go back to the drawing board and play a little bit better next week and hopefully get a win."

Quarles on LB Derrick Brooks scoring his fourth touchdown of the season on a fumble recovery:
"We're getting close to where we want to be as far as scoring nine touchdowns for the season. It would have been better if (Derrick) would have got it with a win, but we'll just have to take it and it will be something to build on."

Quarles on how long it will take Tampa Bay to get over its loss to Philadelphia:
"Probably a while. We're going to have to get over it fast, though. We have to get ready for next week's opponent, but it's a tough way to take a loss, especially in the situation we've been in the last few of years."

Bucs head coach Jon Gruden on losing to the Eagles:
"You have to play a lot better than that to beat the Philadelphia Eagles, especially on the road. I tip my hat to them, but at the same time, what we did today wasn't enough to win."

Gruden on facing the Eagles after Philadelphia was coming off of a bye week:
"We can't make excuses. They're just a very physical team. They had match-ups they felt strong about and when they do blitz, they feel good about Troy Taylor and Bobby Vincent in coverage. It was a lot of things today. We have to do a much better job."

Gruden on th status of QB Brad Johnson:
"He's got some bruised ribs and he'll get some x-rays here later tonight. Rob Johnson came in and moved our football team, but we're concerned about the health of our quarterback."

Gruden on Tampa Bay's defensive performance against Philadelphia's offense:
"That was a big play by Donovan McNabb on the touchdown pass, but other than that, I thought our defense did extremely well. We were able to get a big turnover and score again. Duce Staley made some big runs late in the game, but other than that I thought our defense played very solid. It's not about how we play on offense or how we play on defense. We have to play better as a team. Special teams gave up some big plays to Brian Mitchell, which was a huge winning edge for Philadelphia in terms of setting up field position."

Gruden on K Martin Gramatica's missed field goal in the fourth quarter:
"We're going to have another investigation. I don't understand how that occurs. We've got the best kicker in football and we've had a lot of different guys in here snapping the ball. I'm concerned about the battery. Hopefully we can get that situated because you need your points when you get down there, especially in tight football games like this one."

Gruden on next Sunday's game at Carolina:
"We've got to keep fighting. We're not going to turn back now. We're not going to relent. We'll get another chance at Philadelphia if we do it the right way and earn an opportunity to see them again down the road. We're going to get what we deserve and we got what we deserved today."

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