Press Pass: Luke McCown

In this edition of "Press Pass," read the complete postgame comments of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Luke McCown after the Bucs lost to the Houston Texans, 28-14, on Sunday, Dec. 9:

on feeling the pressure from incompletions like WR Joey Galloway and TE Alex Smith

The rollout were Alex pops out just surprised me, I certainly was expecting him to pop wide open like that. And then I didn't know if I had enough time to gather myself and give my throw so I just tried to pop it up in the air and give him a chance to catch it. I was a little wide with it and he's not our primary on that particular play. And the on with Joey was 12 inches to far. I understand that you aren't going to get every play, but when you get opportunities like that (to score a touchdown) you got to take advantage of those situations and get those guys the football.

on what the miscommunication was about

Yeah I take full responsibility for that. It's a situation were I had a change in play and I was making sure that everyone on the offensive line got it. I didn't know if (C) John Wade got the signal, the snap was called, so I was giving it (play) to him (Wade) again, and when I did I missed the snap. So there was miss communication, but I take full responsibility for that.

on what about getting the ball out of your hand

There were certainly two or three plays that I would have liked to get it out of my hand quicker, but again you know what they (Texans) did a good job on was cutting down our options with a single safety, zone coverage, and blitzing one guy which takes away your check guy. So in a game like that try and make something happen, get something going. Just got to do a better job of getting back and in depth and finding your check guy somewhere.

on what the understanding that this would be your game

You know, this week (QB) Jeff (Garcia) is kind of working his way back into it, but I was fully prepared, fully prepared to play. I felt fine and confident of what we had going and you just got to tip your hats off to the Texans.

on what his feelings were about going for it on 4th down during the 1st drive

That was the play that was called, they gave us a look that I wasn't necessarily ready for. It brought a free safety off the weak side. In my thinking it was a situation were we lost about a foot or foot in a half and we got hammered in there. So we are going to have to take a timeout in the situation, regroup.

on turnovers being a factor

Oh no question, turnovers are a brutal fact that they will lose the game for you. And one way or the other the bad snap by me, (TE) Alex's (Smith) play; we just got to do what we can to take care of the football. And we got to capitalize on the ones that we get from them and we didn't capitalize on all of them. And so we got to do a good job on that.

on your emotions

We got to do a better job, taking care of the football, finishing drives and a lot of things go into this game. If we would have done that the outcome would have been different.

on the summary of your play

That's not for me to say, it is for you guys. I try to help this team win the best way I can; that's my goal.

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